Friday, September 24, 2010

The Little Devil beat the Vampire!

Yui of Angel Beats has beaten Evangeline and Hazuki Shimada and advance to the next round!

Komoe Tsukuyomi of Railgun Series has beaten Kana Nakamichi and Cecily Campbell to advance to the next round!

Today's Matches are Misaka Mikoto of Railgun Series taking on Shizuku of Omamori Himari and Miyako of Hidamari Sketch.

The other group is Tsumugi Kotobuki of K-On taking on Ruiko Saten of Railgun Series and Shoko Kirishima of Baka no Test no Shokanjuu.

Can the Level 5 ESP defeat her the supernatural and Mugi tempt her opponents with tea and snacks?

See you tomorrow for the results!

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