Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bleach 418- Aizen, you talk too much!

As Aizen began to loath at Ichigo for he could not sense any reiatsu on him, Ichigo remain calm and unmoved by his words. They began to clash swords and their sword waves cut a hill into two behind them. Aizen laughed and thought himself that he still couldn't contro his own strength after transforming. Aizen try to attack Ichigo again with his sword but to his surprise, Ichigo blocked his sword with his bare hands. Aizen couldn't believe it and used a Kido skill-Black Coffin to destroy Ichigo.

Ichigo immediately destroy the coffin and told Aizen in a cold voice.. Ichigo was the one who cut the hill into two not Aizen and slash Aizen in the body.

Aizen has become more arrogant which is expected from him after claiming that he reach a level more powerful than a shingami and a hollow. Of course, our hero has a trick up his sleeve and remember, if he can cut a hill into two, what else do you think Ichigo can do?

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  1. well main character ichigo still rocks after all