Thursday, September 2, 2010

Naruto 508 - The Death of a Shinobi

Kisame broke free of Yamato's Jutsu and created a water prison surrounding him. He recalled how he first met Itachi in Akatsuki and told him that they are very alike. Both have killed families and comrades and Kisame started explaining of how shark pups cannibalised each other to survive. Itachi said that those who betray their comrades are destined to die terribly and when the time comes, they will know what kind of person they truly are.

Kisame summoned sharks Jutsu and the sharks just tear him to shreds until there was nothing to left. Gai Sensei say that Kisame died as a true shinobi. They began to open the scroll which Kisame was planning to give to Akatsuki but it was bobby trapped and a shark jutsu took the scroll into the ocean.

Meanwhile Konan was cornered by Madara who demanded for Nagato's Rinnegan...

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