Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another Century Episode: Re: birth for PS3

I just bought this game recently and I like to share my review about it.

When I first saw the trailer a few months back, I was blown away by it. Aquarion using Mugen punch on a giant mother ship, VF-25 posing in a kabuki style, Lancelot skating through enemy fires. Did this game deliver when I got it? Yes and No.

Yes. Because it is the first one for PS3 and most of it are from the 2000s Anime series which most people knew today. Code Geass, Macross Frontier, Full Metal Panic, Gundam Seed Destiny (Sorry, no double O) are in the line up with fan favourites like Zeta Gundam and King Gainer. Many fans were surprised that even Banpresto own creations-Super Robot Wars: Original Generations was a last minute line up! Maybe they are trying to promo the new series that is coming up this Autumn. The story is a typical crossover as it involve parallel dimensions and everyone got struck in an alien planet, Nuff' said. But it is nice for graphics but don't expect a FF13 scenery. It has it's own style and come on, it's their first game on a next generation console. Maybe they might push it better in the next sequel.

Now the Bad part. If you use to playing the old series of ACE, I suggest you can throw everything out of the window as it is a different ball game. It took me like four stages to figure what is going on and I still got a game over trying to protect my mother ship. The booster is really a booster but if you can't control it, you might end up hitting a wall or miss your target. Special attacks are now called tensions which can be raised up depends on the units. But somehow, I still don't quite understand it...hmm, maybe need to try out more. The money and skill points are use to upgrade both the units and pliots. This is a new addition to the series as previously, the points are use only to upgrade units and weapons. Well, since the main weapons have infinite
ammo..why not?

Every unit is play different which is both a good and bad thing. Like the Gundam units, they are good in almost anything. However not all of them can fly which is bad especially the first half of the game where most of time, you are on the ground and enemy units are flying around like houseflies! Macross units are good in their multi lock on but their fighter mode is really bad. I mean, it is worse than flying in F-15 from the PS1 Top Gun game! Come on, these are the people who make great flight simulations in the Ace Combat series, why couldn't they use the same physics in here? Maybe they are focusing too much of Ranka Lee Singing each time she do her trademark wink.

Overall the game is a good effort but trying a little bit too hard on the new system. Anyway I give them credit for trying and hope they can clear all the problems in the next sequel.

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