Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Anime Shows for Autumn

These are the few shows that I am interested when Autumn start in Oct.

IRONMAN-Madhouse and Stan Lee's Marvel Comics 2nd collaboration after Heroman. From the trailer, it look good with all the flashy lights and explosions. Tony Stark with no mustache looks like a generic Japanese male lead and a villian which I don't remember in the comics who look like a pretty boy.

HYAKKA RYORAN-I believe this is from an Adult Ero game with those Sengoku characters as female characters. A hit or miss like Koihime Musou?

SORA NO OTOSHIMONO: FORTE-The sequel to one of the most fanservice series two seasons ago. For those who miss it, it is about a youth named Tomoki Sakurai who found a fallen angel named Ikaros who is more than she looks. Last season ended with Ikaros revealing her real form and a wonderful ending song.

MOTTO TO-LOVE-RU-From my previous post, let's hope it is a good one.

A Certain Magical Index 2-Sequel to the last one, continuing from where they left off. Touma, a guy whose right hand can nullify any ESP powers meet a young Sister named Index and her brain contains the most ancient of magical spells and Touma must protect her from evil-doers. Misaki from Railgun series return too and hopefully not too much of the occult terms.

Super Robots Wars OG: The Inspectors-I have been waiting for it since the end of the first season where the DVD-only episode show signs of a sequel. From the website alone, Kyosuke and Excellen of ATX will find their lives are linked to an alternative universe who is planning to invade our world. I played the game and the storyline is awesome with new mechas and new characters. No news of an official date but I am waiting.

I will try my best to review these shows if time permits. Hope you too will enjoy these recommedations.

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