Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Remember To-Love-Ru before this Oct...

The first one came out about two years ago, it was a love and hate relationship. One was the story was really off track from the manga like the alien spring resort or Magical Kyoko's adventure. Even the last two episodes was a big disappointment which end in bad taste. They tried to develop all the characters but really in the end, it was all about Rito and Lala.

After the series ended, six OVAs were make and to everyone surprise, it is good! No more crappy stories and it is based on the source materials. It was great especially the Riko episode and The Trouble Quest episode. Plus an introduction of Lala's twin sisters-Momo and Nene who are great supporting characters for the show.

When I heard the news that the 2nd series  which is called Moto-To-Love-Ru  which basically means "More Trouble" is coming this Oct, I was happy and sad. The reason? Happy was one of my favourite anime characters of the 2000s is returning (Go! Kotegawa Yui!) and Sad was this is probably the finale of the series as the manga ended months ago.

I hope I will find time to review the series when it come out this Oct. Until then, See Ya!

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