Sunday, August 25, 2019

Star Twinkle Precure Ep 29 Review: Hagoromo Lala-Fugtive Part 1!

Kirayaba! This is my review of Star Twinkle Precure Ep 29 and the girls finally arrived at Lala's home planet Samman!

When they landed on Planet Samman, Lala's superior Kuku arrived and asked Hikaru and company's identifies. Lala's AI pulled a fast one claiming they are space refugees and were hitching a ride on Lala's ship.

Oddly enough, Kuku accepted it claiming the AI was correct. Lala also explained their planet is controlled by a main AI called "Mother" who decided their lives even since they were born. They also met the head of Galactic Starscape Alliance- Topper who is here to award Lala's brother Lolo for the recovery of one of the missing Star Princess Pen. 

Of course, Lolo and his family arrived and the award ceremony was broadcast live throughout the planet. Later Lala introduced her family to her friends and they learn that Lolo is a first class investigator while Lala is a low class investigator who is in charge of space junk. 

Lala brought the girls to a hologram room to relax and Madoka spoke to Lala as she sense Lala was unhappy meeting her family earlier. Lala wished to tell her family that she is a Precure and her adventures but worried that her family might be back off by her actions. Madoka also claimed she is worried of the consequences if she told her father of her being a Precure and what might happen next. But the two girls agreed that they weren't be here today if it wasn't for Hikaru who advised them to search their feelings.

Suddenly Tenjou arrived and stole the Princess pen from Kuku. She turned Kuku into a Knot Trigger and the girls transformed! The girls fought the foot soldiers while Cure Milky take on the Knot Trigger! Cure Milky want to protect her family and planet as such she gave her all and managed to take back the Princess Pen. 

After Cure Cosmos purified the Knot Trigger back to Kuku, he woke up and forgot what happened earlier. He saw Lala was holding the Princess Pen and a portion of the camera footage showed Tenjou attacking the lab. Kuku immediately accused Lala of stealing the Princess Pen and issued a warrant for her arrest. The girls including Lala has no choice but to flee while Aiwan is watching everything that is unfolded...

I know you and me have the same thinking when we saw that Planet Samman is operated by a main AI called "Mother" which brought back thoughts of Fresh Precure's Setsuna home world where Mebius ruled the world with an iron first and I won't be surprised if "Mother" went all Skynet and turned Planet Samman into a living hell. (Which apparently that what happen when Aiwan hacked the system next episode)

I kinda of understand that Lala was worried to break the news to her family that she abandoned her duties (Which she should, I mean who investigate Space Junks?) and choose to become a Precure. But then she and Madoka and maybe all the girls probably agreed that Hikaru has influenced them and their lives was filled with excitement and adventures! I also think that Lala's AI also choose to lie to Kuku about the girls' identifies which I am thinking that her AI is also influenced to make it's own choice. 

Lala's family are also a bit weird which they worshipped "Mother" and let it control their lives. Although unintentional, Lolo was insensitive by declaring himself as a first class investigator (which was decided by Mother) and embarrassing Lala's position in front of her friends.  

The fight animation especially Lala's expressions was pretty good and her giving her all is similar to last week's episode of Cure Soleli and Cure Selene who displayed pushing their limits to protect Flare the Alien Engineer. Maybe the key to defeating Darkness is "Go beyond plus Ultra?" 

Although I facepalmed that Kuku immediately accused Lala of stealing the Princess Pen without seeing the whole picture and now everyone is after the girls on Planet Samman! Can the girls clear their name and Aiwan is going to all hacker mode to corrupt Mother! Until then, see you in the next post!

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