Monday, March 18, 2019

Star Twinkle Precure Ep 7 Review: Blasting off to Space!

Kirayaba! This is my review of Star Twinkle Precure Ep 7 as the girls tried to fix Lala's spaceship!

The girls decided to get Lala's spaceship fixed and the AI scanned the girls to see what they are suitable for. Lala is good at fixing, Elena for her physical and Madoka for her supervisor. However when it come to Hikaru, she got cleaning duties!

The girls realised it was getting mundane in fixing the spaceship after four hours and it was then Hikaru was actually designing to make the spaceship more "cuter" and with Elena knowing what she want, the rest of the girls chipped in and even design personal rooms in the spaceship.

The AI was unable to compete in Hikaru's thinking but suggested that Hikaru is the mood maker that got everyone more motivated in getting things done.

Soon, the spaceship was ready but Tengu and her men arrived to cause trouble. (Seriously, the girls should just move somewhere less conspicuous so that the Knot Raiders is unable to track them) I do realise that if the episode's fight is between the foot soldiers, it is definitely one-sided since they pose little threat to the girls.

After Tengu retreated, the girls saw the interior of their newly remodelled spaceship. Prunce even presented his latest invention which is donuts making machine. However it still need work after taking a bite on it.

The girls prepare to blast off into space and Lala started the countdown and sure enough, they are in space and enjoying the moment. Suddenly Elena's pendent started flashing to the Libra symbol and Fuwa warp the spaceship to the Star Scape System!

I felt this episode is more of showing each girl's strength like Lala is good at fixing things, Elena is in charge of the heavy stuff (Seriously,where she find all the supply from?) and Madoka who is already the student chairman was supervising the work. When it come to Hikaru, she might not have the talent or strength like her comrades but she make it up with her positive attitude which got the girls to be more motivated in remodelling the spaceship and quote from Lala "Cuter" in the sense!

As I said before, the foot soldiers were more of a hindrance to the girls rather than a threat which worried me about the future of the series. Since we have ten more Star Princesses to locate, what happened after that? How will the Knot Raiders going to battle the girls if they only have foot soldiers to throw at them unless a game changer will to be presented to even the odds.

At the end of the episode, the girls are now back in the Star Scape System and Elena's pendant is hinting the Libra Princess location! As seen in the preview, they landed in a bone shaped planet and the Libra Princess Star Pen is being worshipped by the natives! Until then, see you in the next post!

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