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Hugtto Precure Ep 2 Top 5 Moments: Oh My Angel!

Horray! Horray! This is my review of Hugtto Precure Ep 2 and how Saya become the Precure of Wisdom, Cure Ange!

No 5: A Treehouse, a Cool Looking Harry and the Cryasse Corporation

Hana was full of herself when the school were talking about Cure Yell's battle with the monster a few days back but she is forbidden by Harry to tell anyone her secret identify. Later Harry ordered Hana to use her Mirari Crystal to create a treehouse for their hideout.

Harry should belong to an all boys' idol group...

Harry also transformed to cool human Harry and he explained that the Cryasse Corporation is after the Mirai Crystals and their plan to wipe all futures on Earth. Hug-tan also require Asu power to grow up as she is a key role in the battles. (Of course, Harry didn't tell Hana everything in typical Precure fashion)

Oh yeah, Hana wanted to be a lone ranger and does not want to find the remaining three Cures which upset Harry...

No 4: Mountain Bluebird and a Newsletter.

Yup, the resemble is uncanny!

Hana saw Saya doing the school newsletter and Hana suggested to write about Cure Yell (which she drew an illustration of Cure Yell) and Saya commented that Hana's expressions looked like a Mountain Bluebird which Hana kind of felt odd about it. Later Homare saw the newsletter and giggle about the Mountain Bluebird too...

No 3: Saya's Encounter with Hug-tan.


Passed with flying colors..

Failed miserably...

Insert your Dio Brando "The World" Joke again!

Saya was attracted to Hug-tan's cries and found Hana taking care of her. Of course, Hijinks follow as Harry and Hana tried their best to hide the truth from Saya. Later Saya explained that a few days back, she did hear Hug-tan's cries in school and the next moment, everything around her stop moving which Hana too encountered the same experience in the first episode.

Saya also quote Mother Theresa's words of how no man is an island and more things can be accomplished if we help one another. Saya was impressed by Hana's straight forward, positive attitude while she was impressed by Saya's talents and kindness.

No 2: That Dream...

Before Saya was attracted by Hug-tan's cries, Hana had a strange dream where the future is bleak and a female voice told 3 shadow figures to protect the Mirai crystals and the female voice screamed in pain...What could it mean? A possible Future?

No 1: Descent! Cure Ange!

Hana, what about the whole secret identify thing?!

Charalit created a new Oshimaida out of a crane and both girls rushed to the scene. Hana being Hana, transformed in front of Saya which confused her more. However seeing Cure Yell fighting and remembering Hana's words earlier awaken her Mirai Crystal.

With it, Saya transformed into Cure Ange and aided Cure Yell. Together, they defeated the Oshimaida and thereafter, Cure Yell welcome her as Cure Ange...

This episode was an introduction to Saya's insecurities. Unlike Minami/Cure Mermaid who is a control freak, Saya is the goody two shoes who is almost Miss Perfect. However she has self confidence issues and probably everyone looked up to her like some Guardian Angel. (Pun intended) This will definitely bite back Saya in the future. (I could see it now)

As Harry explained how Hug-tan required Asu power to grow up, the dream that Hana had might be connected to Hug-tan since the female voice told the three figures who looked similar to Huggto Team so time travel is in the works? Someone called the Doctor!

Saya has a similar experience of time freeze when she heard Hug-tan's cries which Homare will also have a similar experience when her debut episode come up later. Cure Ange's transformation was really beautiful like Cure Mermaid and Cure Beauty.

When in doubt, throw a steel bar!

Her finisher "Heart Feather" looked a single palm strike like those martial arts movie which is pretty good. The physical attacks were neutral but then the Oshimaida is a crane who can extend his body to avoid physical attacks. But throwing a steel bar to knock the Oshimaida off balance is really Cure Ange's strategy. (The brain of the team?)

Furthermore, Cure Yell also learn that teamwork is important in Precure which I am glad that she didn't make a big deal about it after claiming earlier in the episode that she want to be the lone ranger.

The many faces of Harry!

Overall, a good introduction episode for Saya. Next episode, Hug-tan is throwing tantrums and no one knew what she want. Until then, see you in the next post!

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  1. I liked this episode. The villian explanation about evil, Hana's dream with... Past precure maybe?. Now, I'll get anoying about the "uuu..." of the transformation.