Sunday, January 7, 2018

Kira Kira Precure Ala Mode Ep 46 Review: The Grey World Part 1

Let's Cooking! This is my review of Kira Kira Precure episode 46 and it is Ichika's Birthday!

The Good: First thing was the girls greeted the viewers with a Happy New Year message and the girls were planning for Ichika's birthday soon. Aoi and Yukari were sharing their dreams of what they are planning to do in the future-Aoi with her singing career and Yukari studying overseas.

Ciel presenting some chocolates for Miku as Akira is heading for future studies. Even Himari was glad to meet Ichika as she is able to break out of her shell and to pursue a career in Pastries Science. Only Ichika does not know what to do in her life but her mother who has returned from overseas, encouraged her to do something with her love in Pastries.

On the day of Ichika's party, a Black Haired Elysio crashed the party and sucked the Kiraru energy from some customers including Ichika's parents. Bibury and Rio could sense that it is Noir who is in control of Elysio's body and the two of them also got their Kiraru energy sucked out.

The girls went into battle when Lumiere appeared in spirit form and both her and Noir seem to know each other. Noir immediately showed the girls a flashback of how he was brought back to health by Lumiere and her love of sweets. Noir wanted Lumiere to make sweets only for him however she wanted to make sweets for everyone.

Which led to Noir turning evil (What? How?!) and turning the world into darkness. In the present, the girls managed to overwhelm Noir and what a twist, Elysio who is originally a spawn created by Noir betrayed him and sealed him in his cards. He did the same to Lumiere and with one spell, a bright light flashed before the girls...

The next thing, Ichika woke up and could not remember anything and everything was in grey...

The Bad: I get it that Elysio was created by Noir to be his eyes and ears and when he was defeated in the previous episode, Noir decided to merge him back to become Black Haired Elysio. Although I am wondering did Elysio plan his betrayal to Noir all along? Did he act weak to let Noir absorb him back and when the time was right, Elsyio betrayed him?

I know Elysio is scheming but to do it out of the blue was very shocking to the viewers! (Including me) But then, this is Precure. Usually the last general before the final boss tend to do something outrageous for shock value.

Which led me to another question. Noir looked human and from his conversation with Lumiere, he seem to be a soldier. What kind of soldier? If based on the timeline, a soldier during World War 1? If he is only human then how did he started using evil magic to attack the town? Did he learn from somewhere? Did he found something or someone that make him like that? Too many questions not enough answers. (Which hopefully it can be explained in the final three episodes!)

The way Lumine rejected him, Noir seemed to take rejection to a whole new level by plunging the world into darkness which basically means this whole story is about a guy who couldn't handle rejections and threw a big tantrum. (Literally) Our Final Boss, eveyone!

Anyway, this episode is a big surprise to me with Elysio conquered the world and the girls has lost their memories of being Precure. (On Ichika's birthday! Worst Birthday Ever!) How Elysio betrayed Noir and what will happen next to the girls in this new world?

With everyone trapped in this new world with no memories, Pekorin decided to do the impossible to restore the girls' memories back! Thanks Toei for spoiling the preview since Pekorin also become a Precure to save the day!

Don't get me wrong, I like this episode. It is just some questions about Noir and Elysio that's puzzled me. Until then, the countdown begin to the finale! See you in the next post!

P.S: Oh yes, I saw the trailer for both Precure Super Stars movie and Huggto Precure. It was interesting with Hana looking all lively, Saya remind me of Rikka with her specs and her Precure form looked similar to Cure Beauty, Homare looked boyish but yet Cure Etoile looked really good with that her hairdo. Superstars movie looked like a childhood promise that went wrong with Hana and the movie character, Clover.

Overall, let's hope Huggto Precure will make things right for 2018! But let's support Kira Kira Team to get through their final crisis first!


  1. Toei pretty much like ship between Precure Girls x Villain Guys

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