Monday, December 11, 2017

Kira Kira Precure Ala Mode Ep 43 Review: Little Squirrel's Courage!

Let's Cooking! This is my review of Kira Kira Precure episode 43 and Himari is going to audit for a sweets program!

The good: Basically it is about Himari getting her confidence and not letting negative remarks get in her way. Originally the director just want Himari to role play in the audition however she started rambling about her sweets knowledge and got commented by the director.

This got her back into a childhood trauma of going overboard in school. Elsio used that as a weakness and tried to lure Himari into darkness which including burning her notebooks in front of her. However Himari remembered that she doesn't need her notes but rather her memories with her friends and various experiences to stand for herself.

The best part was after the battle, Himari who has yet to transform back was dragged into the same audition again but this time, Himari overcame her shyness and showed how knowledgeable she was.

Although I am starting to suspect that Elsio is trying to get the girls to fall into darkness from Ciel's misunderstanding with Rio, Aoi's loss of voice and ruining Himari's confidence. Even next episode preview about Miku being abducted and Akira went all ballistic. What is his motive for doing so? I am suspecting that the one who could possibly fall into darkness could be Ichika since it is quite similar to how Haruka was trapped by Dyspear in an ideal world.

The bad: It's hardly a fight, nuff said.

Other than a cameo from the two singers of the show-Miyamoto Kanako and Komgata Yuri and how Yukari and Akira were scouted by a talent agency. This episode is all about Himari and with her added confidence, she is ready to face the world with her knowledge and experiences.

Next is Akira's episode so not much to say. Until then, see you in the next post!

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