Monday, October 23, 2017

Kira Kira Precure Ala Mode Ep 37 Review: Onwards! To Paris! (Movie Prequel Episode)

Let's Cooking! This is my review of Kira Kira Precure episode 37 and a former boss of Ciel came to take her back to Paris!

The Good: Bibury was fun to watch especially when she gave that cocky attitude when Ciel's former boss, Solène came to inspect Ciel's cafe. Bibury even gave that "encouraging" speech to Ciel when she is conflicted in whether to return to Paris. It also make Bibury went all Tsundere after Ciel thank her. (Cute!)

Furthermore, this episode also act as a mini-prequel to the upcoming movie as it introduce the movie character Jean in a flashback and the conclusion of the episode was the girls went to Paris to help Ciel in the competition.

The Bad: The main plot itself is nothing new since we have seen it in so many shows especially Precure of how one character got an offering to chase her dream but because of her commitment to her friends, she can't go and the others questioned themselves are they holding that person back.

Of course, everything goes well in the end and Ciel managed to convince Solène to stay in Japan for the time being. Although one plot hole which I am not sure anyone notice, Solène mentioned she finally found Ciel after searching her for a long time but then didn't way back, Ciel mentioned she came to Japan in the media and her cafe was also publicized? So what took Solène so long to find? Is Paris and Japan that far (which is not!) that it took Solène almost 3 months to find her? But then this is anime where space and time has no relativity...

To be fair, Team Kira Kira is not a pushover in terms of strength but Toei has to please those parents' complaints...

The battle with Elsio was really shoe honed at the last minute which I find no rhythm or reason to have it since there was no real danger or even Solène to get drained of Kiraru energy. Grave finally controlling Diable was revealed at the end which to be honest, I hope Grave and Elsio will get what they deserve from Diable or even Noir when their time come because I felt no attachment to them at all.

Overall, this episode was predictable except Bibury's cocky attitude which was refreshing. Other than that, nothing else to say except go and watch the Movie when it come up but I can't. Next week, Pekorin got turned into a human child and the girls decided to observe her from afar hoping she will not get into trouble. Until then, see you in the next post!

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