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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 1 Review

My personal experiences with MLP series is more of a phase in my childhood as the original MLP and Friends will aired on television and usually the MLP segments will last for 10 minutes with a cliffhanger and the show will move to the Potato Head Kids or Glo Friends.

After watching several short videos on Youtube about Magic Talking ponies and their misadventures, I decided to take the plunge to watch the first season of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

So what make this show so unique and create a world-wide fanbase which most peers will regard it as a show for young girls? The first two parter for the pilot episode-Friendship is Magic established the Mane 6 ponies as 6 total strangers come together to save their land.

It was a good start for the pilot episodes however after watching about 3 or 4 episodes later, I soon realised this show has basically slice of life problems with some interesting values to share. The characters themselves are pretty three-dimensional as they learn more not just about each other but themselves too.

Let's start with the first pony of the group-Twilight Sparkle. In the first few episodes, she was introduced as a keep intellect in her magic and knowledge however she was the reluctant heroine and some insecurities issues like when a trickster, Trixie showed off her parlour tricks and Twilight refused to step up claiming she is worried others will label her as a show-off until a real problem came to the village and Twilight finally got her act together to save the day.

Stop bitting your own hoove, Twilight!

She is also Miss Organize during the Winter Wrap Up after every pony refuse to co-operate but otherwise other than the pilot episodes, her character is pretty more of exposition. (Yes, I am aware of a certain episode in Season 2 when she went all coco puff and how the finale of Season 2 could be done better but for now, it is just her character in Season 1)

Next is Applejack who is the Muscle of the group. Tough and helpful to her peers and family. Applejack is the go-to pony for any assistance. However she has her flaws like being stubborn to ask for help to clear the apples in her farm which resulted her all worn-out and causing disasters for every one. (You got to LOVE the recipe she make for Pinkie Pie's cupcakes!)

She is also an opportunist especially if there is a chance to make some extra cash from her apple recipes and doesn't mind get down and dirty which make her butt head with fellow pony, Rarity especially their overnight stay with Twilight in one episode which was both funny and embarrassing for the two ponies.

Applejack is also very protective of her younger sister, Applebloom but it is understandable as Applebloom is still very naive and tend to get into trouble with her two close friends, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo. But deep down her is a pony who is willing to help especially her friends and family.

I alway get a giggle watching Rairty whinning in this scene...

Rarity is next and on the surface, she is seem like a show-off and a drama queen with her own fashion boutique that get trashed due to some external disasters or by her own antics. She dislike getting herself unnecessary problems however when push come to shove especially when the stakes are her friends, her younger sister, Sweetie Belle or even the world, Rarity will swollen her pride and get herself dirty.

Furthermore, her dresses are the best looking in town that is guaranete to win any crowds. Rarity is also shown to be cunning especially dealing with a pack of wild talking dogs who kidnap her for her ability to detect Jewels. With quick wit, she literatly got all the dogs to listen to her before the other ponies arrived to save her.

Now we have Fluttershy. On the surface, Fluttershy is soft spoken, friendly to most animals and a timid pony who freak out on anything. Even her first encounter with Twilight was very subtle when she can't even say out her own name. But given enough stress to her, she become an enraging monster that will give hell to anyone that cross her path. (It is always the quiet ones)

Fluttershy- Total Psychopath!

Her best moments was being able to tame a Manticore (a part lion and part scorpion) and a Dragon to submission and even use her "Stare" to save her petrified friends. But Fluttershy has a lot to learn as seen at the season finale, she nearly bring the whole party to a stampade with all the animals in the garden refuse to befriend her and she went all psycho on everyone.

Rainbow Dash is the group prankster and Daredevil. But she prove to every pony that she is the fastest Pegasus and the only pony capable of creating a Sonic Rainbow. (Which is basically a Sonic Boom with Rainbow as the after effects) Which incidentally the first time she create a Sonic Rainbow intertwine all the Mane 6 ponies of how they got their cutie marks and purposes in life.

Rainbow also dream of joining the Wonderbolts which are elite flight Pegasus that does death defying stunts for the Kingdom and so far, she caught attention of the Wonderbolts for her stunts. (Which we will talk in another season or so)

Rainbow is also loyal to her friends despite all the pranks and disasters she caused as seen in the pilot episodes of how she refuse to give in to temptation. She stood up for Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie after Rainbow's friend Glida bullied them and rescued Rarity from certain death by racing at impossible speed (Rainbow has self confidence issues throughout the episode) to save her.

However Rainbow is also headstrong and butt heads with Applejack especially in terms of strength which ended in a race that nearly went horribly wrong and both of them learned their lessons at the end.

Finally, Pinkie Pie is the last one and if I will to describe her in one word is probably "Random." One moment, she can be the fun-loving party pony who will can bring a smile on anyone. The next moment, she is the only one who figure out on how to get rid a swarm of Parasprites who is consuming everything in sight. (Which no one pay attention to her before that)

But Pinkie has her own issues as she hate being left alone which in one episode, her friends were avoiding her and she went all paranoid to the point that she started talking to inanimate objects. Otherwise, the first season Pinkie is more annoying rather than helpful so far.

The supporting cast were quite all right like Faithful Baby Dragon Spike who is Twilight's companion since birth. He is pretty good in multi tasking Twilight's routine since she can't really handle on her own. Spike has a thing for jewels which he consume it on a daily basis and also has the hots for Rarity the first day he saw her in Ponyville.

Spike has a bit of an ego especially when Twilight got an owl, Owlowiscious as a pet and he was jealous that he got into trouble with an adult dragon. Luckily Owlowiscious saved him and they became pals after that.

Applejack, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo are the siblings of Applejack, Rarity and Rainbow Dash (Rainbow took Scootaloo like a surrogate sister) Their inital episode also explained the cutie marks on every pony's hips which is their intended call and destiny. But for the three young fowls, they were being mocked by their peers especially spolit brat Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon who bullied them since the three fowls has yet to recieve their cutie marks.

However the three girls didn't give up and calling themselves "The Cutie Mark Crusaders." The trio now tried every job or hobbies in order to find their cutie marks. So far, the episodes about them are more of misadventures which I am not really a fan of them unless the Mame 6 are involved in their hijinks.

Princess Celestia who is Twilight's teacher was the one who started the ball rolling in the first episode as she instructed Twilight to go to Ponyville to learn about "Friendship" which Twilight knew nuts about it. Most of the time, her role is a supportive one and rarely she will take action. Furthermore, she is the ruler of Equestrian which left her little time to spend with her students until the season finale when she finally let loose and joined the Mame 6 for some R & R. (Especially when the palace party was run over by a stampade of animals thanks to Fluttershy's outburst)

There are 26 episodes for the first season and it is meant to introduce new viewers like myself to know more of the Mame 6 and their society work. My favourite episodes so far are:

1) Ep 1 & 2: Friendship is Magic Part 1 and 2
The introduction of the Elements of Friendship which will later become a more important role in future seasons.

2) Ep 4: Applebuck Season
Applejack's ego got the better of her which resulted in countless disasters for everyone.

3) Ep 5: Boast Busters
Trixie who will become a recurring character is a fun over the top villain.

4) Ep 7: Dragonshy
Fluttershy show that even the smallest of creatures has courage.

5) Ep 9: Bridle Gossip
Zecora who is a Zebra become one of the Mame 6 best supporting character in future episodes.

6) Ep 10: Winter Wrap Up
Every pony can't get along on the last day of Winter and it is up to Twilight to save the day with management skills?

7) Ep 12: Call of the Cutie
A good episode about handling peer pressure,

8) Ep 14: Suited for Success
I love to see Rarity whinning in one particular scene that make me laugh everytime I watch it.

9) Ep 16: Sonic Rainboom
Rainbow prove to everyone why she is the fastest all of Ponyville if she can overcome her stage fright.

10) Ep 19: A Dog and Pony Show
This episode make me a Rarity fan when she used her wits against a pack of dogs.

11) Ep 20: Green Isn't Your Color
A story of how some pony are not ready for success when given too soon.

12) Ep 21: Over a Barrel
War between Ponies and Wild Buffalos over a piece of land? For kids!

13) Ep 22: A Bird in the Hoof
Fluttershy's desperate attempts to heal Princess Celestia pet bird, Philomena. (Fluttershy broke into tears in one particular scene)

14) Ep 23: The Cutie Marks Chronicle
A backstory of how the Mame 6 got their cuite marks and calling.

15) Ep 26: The Best Night Ever
A night party at the palace became a nightmare for the Mame 6.

So that is my thoughts of the first season. I have already finished the 2nd and 3rd Seasons and the characters and stories were defintely getting better (with some exception) If you have a chance, go ahead and watch it. Otherwise just watch some clips of Youtube which I am sure you might smile or giggle or two. Unitil then, see you in the next post.

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