Friday, August 18, 2017

King of Fighters Destiny Ep 3 and 4 Review

Hi everyone! Let's continue the KOF Destiny series with episode 3 and episode 4 (Which was leaked online somehow) and see how Terry learn that he get tongue tied when a hot lady sit next to him.

Yuri has been known to make silly faces since her appearance in AOF 2..

After some hilarious exchange between Kyo's company and AOF Ryo and Robert Garcia, (which include learning that Yuri has run away after being rejected to join her brother in the KOF tournament) we find Terry quietly drinking in a bar when a hot lady named Angeline sat next to him.

Angeline even mentioned that she is Geese's daughter in law but doesn't mind flirting with Terry. Of course, Joe Higashi who was there for some reason got into a brawl with Geese's men. But not before Terry score first base with Angeline however the two fighters fled the bar and meet up with Andy at their old father's home. Andy even explained that Joe was a friend of his and he agreed to help take down Geese.

Andy was determined to take down Geese however Terry claimed it is too risky with Geese surrounded by his men including Billy Kane. But when a trailer which was heading towards Geese Tower passed them, the trio sneaked in but was immediately ambushed by Billy and his men.

Power Geyser actual command is Quarter Back, Forty five degree Left, Right and Heavy Punch

This is where it got since we get to see Terry and Billy go head on which include Billy's Fire Whirlpool and Terry's Power Geyser (Although the command for Power Geyser isn't really that correct) Geese also appeared (with an awesome intro from his theme music) however something seems off with him.

The trio retreated thanks to Joe's Screw Upper and Clark Steel who was doing recon nearby and reporting back to Heidern. Later Kyo who was resting in his room felt a deadly presence...

First some interesting moments which SNK will never address which it is Ryo is nicknamed "The Invincible Dragon" but has skills named after Tiger while Robert is nicknamed "The Raging Tiger" but has skills named after Dragon. Even Benimaru question Ryo in the episode but was interrupted by Robert who broke the news about Yuri's runaway.

A little disappointed that Robert behave like a doffus and isn't his family super rich? Why does he need Benimaru's help to find Yuri? Anyway, the highlight was Terry meeting Angeline which is paying homages to the Fatal Fury OVA: Legend of Hungry Wolf when Terry met Lily who is Geese's adopted daughter.

Compared to Lily and Angeline is like comparing a real life Lilly flower and Red Rose. One is gentle while the other is sexy. (Given the fact that Angeline is voiced by Miss Versatile Sawashiro Miyuki who voiced many sexy female characters including Catherine of the famed video game, Cammy from Street Fighter and Towa/Cure Scarlet of Princess Precure)

Not really sure how Angeline's fate will be by the end of the Geese Howard Arc but looking at Terry's relationships with women, it is not going to end well. 

The fight scene at Geese Tower is pretty fun but Geese has to show up but looking at his aura, we are getting hint of the Orochi power pretty early in the story. But I doubt Geese will stay long since we will be getting Rugal and even Goenitz later as seen in the voice credits.

Anyway, this episode is fun of homages and Easter eggs. The only issue I have that it is a bit too short in it's running time. I also understand that Angeline's singing scene before she sat beside Terry was cut due to copyright issues if you watch from SNK Youtube channel but is restored in the Chinese Subtitles version. Apparently Angeline was singing a redone version of the Carpenters' Close to you song. (The song title Angeline sing is called "All to me, All to you" if you want to know)

Overall, some fun moments for episode 3 and 4. But it seem the next episode we are going to look at Geese's past and his hate relationship with his half-brother Wolfgang Krauser (If he come in, I want his theme song to play with a full orchestra behind at the background) and Jeff Bogard. Until then, see you in the next post!

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