Sunday, July 2, 2017

Kira Kira Precure Ala Mode Ep 21 Review: An Unexpected Reunion!

Let's Cooking! This is my review of Kira Kira Precure episode 21 and the missing spirits re-united with Pekorin and Elder.

Ciel was questioning of why Ichika is able to create Kiraru energy from her food and tried to ask her however both girls realised both Kiraru energy and Precure are a secret and both blindly brush off their doubts.

Later, Elder asked the girls and Pekorin to return to the secret forest and Elder asked Ichika to open his umbrella which fired a special signal in the night sky for all the spirits to assemble. Some of the spirits who went missing during the initial attack returned and explained that Gummy and his friends went all around to find them.

Step up for Yukari's special massage!

Elder decided to held a party for their return and Ichika make a new cake for the spirits. Ciel arrived to everyone surprise and they were confused by her arrival. Ciel then changed back to her original form which is Kirain which got a bigger surprise from everyone!

Ichika then told Kirain that they are the Precures but before she could react, Biburi arrived and created a new monster from the cakes. The girls transform to battle and one of the beam from the monster nearly hit Ichika but Ciel used the Elder's umbrella to deflect it before turning back to spirit form.

The girls make quick work of the monster and Biburi retreated. Kirain immediately ask Cure Whip to make her a disciple in order to become a Precure.

Suddenly Julio arrived and he is filled with an evil aura, ready to battle the girls...

The first act was a little confusing since Elder is kinda of a one track mind. He just randomly asked the girls to go to the secret forest and somehow all the spirits gathered which he claimed today is some kinda of festive event. How come Pekorin doesn't know and why it is so random?

Anyway, at least we know where Gummy and the former Black star spirits were going around to bring back the spirits that went missing. Ciel's arrival was a surprise for everyone when she revealed she is Kirain. However she seem to forgot something or someone as one of the spirits mentioned a person's name. Furthermore Kirain and someone close to her went to France before the attack but something happened which we will know in the next episode.

Of course, Noir finally make his appearance in astral form and gave Julio a power up that not only repair his staff but make him insane. The battle was still mediocre as usual but because of the Precure's actions, Kirain want Ichika to teach her how to become a Precure in a similar manner when Ichika asked Ciel to make her student. (The tables turned!)

But now Julio arrived with a vengeance to battle the girls! Can the girls defeat his warped mind? What is the connection between Ciel and Julio? Find out in the next episode! Until then, see you in the next post!

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  1. There are some hints that Julio could die. But besides that, I hope this could open the Precure's eyes about one thing. On how sweets can affect people in a negative light, as that can mature the characters in a way.