Sunday, December 18, 2016

Maho Tsukai Precure Ep 45: Kushi's Last Will and Testament

Cure Up! Rapapa! This is my review of Maho Tsukai Precure Episode 45 Review and we learn more about Kushi and the Headmaster's past.

In terms of side characters' development, we got quite a few from the Headmaster and his relationship with Kushi, Oruba and how he is connected with Deusmast and Batty who somehow decided to be a hermit instead.

First was the Headmaster and Kushi. From Kathy's conversation with the girls, the two men were childhood friends and they were competing in magic till their adulthood. However Kushi learn about the Linkle stones and decide to get it himself by creating a Dark Spell book. Instead Kushi was corrupted by the book and became Dokuroxy.

The headmaster was determined to get back Kushi's spell book from Oruba and by the end, he did and found a Testament by Kushi which implies that he knew he will be corrupted by the Dark spells but still regard the Headmaster as his best friend which the headmaster forgave him.

We do found out that Oruba was one of the surviving followers of Deusmast before he was sealed by Rapapa. However he left specific spells all over the world hoping that someone will find it and use to revive Desumast once more. Oruba also revealed his true form after Spalda and Gatments betray him and tried to steal the spell book from him.

Oruba turned the two generals back to their original animal form which angered Batty who realised that everything was all a lie and Oruba was just using them for his own agenda.

Which finally led to Batty combining the animal forms of Spalda, Gatments, Yamoh and Dokuroxy to take on Oruba's Don Yokubal. Batty actually defeated the Don Yokubal and the girls defeated Oruba (which I think he is dead now) but not before Oruba released his final spell from the book before dying.

In the end, Batty left with his fallen comrades to another dimension which I am guessing that's it for them? (What the hell?)

Overall, the girls were completely overshadow by the side characters in this episode. Although it is interesting to know the back story of the Headmaster, Kushi and Oruba but I felt it is pretty too late to know all these since the series is going to end very soon. Batty leaving was a sign of him finding his inner peace which I probably not going to miss him since his character was all over the place in the first half of the season and Spalda and Gatments were basically Cannon Fodder for not just the girls and even Oruba.

Oruba's form was interesting but it is really wasted as the girls defeated him with the Extreme Rainbow in this one and only episode. Oruba could have been the final boss with that form but instead, they had to let Desumast to be the final boss which seriously if he appeared like how Dokuroxy did in episode 20 and 21, it is going to be points off for me when I roast this season when it end.

Yes, I know Kushi is voiced by Nakamura Yuichi which I did said before that him and Hayami Saori (Kotoha's voice actress) played opposite each other in many shows before and their chemistry was great but here it is a wasted opportunity for the two of them not to interact with each other. Unless, of course if Desumast is voiced by Nakamura Yuichi and Kotoha went all Rapapa Form in the finale, it will be great but until then, we have to wait and see.

With Benigyo as the last general, she decide to go all She-Devil Santa and invade Christmas Eve! Will the girls be able to save Christmas and will my wish of seeing Kira Kira Precure A La Mode come faster? Until then, see you in the next post!

P.S: I did see the leaks of Kira Kira Precure and my initial thoughts was maybe these are the girls' Spirit Animals like Power Rangers Jungle Fury/Gekiranger or the current Zyuohger. Looking how the girls' positions, I am guessing that Cure Whip, Custard and Gelato are one group and Cure Macaron and Chocolat could be a Rival Precure team which is similar to Hurricanger/Power Rangers Ninja Storm which I have no objection about it. (Pray that it doesn't suck like this train wreck we are currently watching now)


  1. I was waiting for ur review, lol. I normally read yours until subs come out...your like my first go-to when I want to understand an episode, thanks for all that you do...its much appreciated :-)

    So question, if Oruba cast a spell n put how to revive Deusmast all over the world, why havent him and the others tried to do that yet?

    Im assuming the generals he released before he died (which I agree with you, all that plotting and planning and he was defeated hella quick) are going to be the ones to revive Deusmast I guess...I dunno

    Which brings me to another question. During the flashback of Deusmast, there were 12 generals in front of him. Weve seen 4 so far and Oruba released 7, theres still one more...or am I mistaken with something?

    1. Thanks for the comments. My Japanese isn't that good some of the lines might not be accurate. But I am guessing that reviving Deusmast require the Linkle Emerald which the generals are unable to touch or obtain it since it will kill them.

      To be honest, I am not concerned if there are any more generals since one, we are reaching the end of the series and two, the generals really sucked!


  2. In the middle of the episode where Batty battles Orba with their monsters, the quality graphics deteriorated. I mean, it became some sort of "Paint" quality from a Windows 95. Just... why? Did the contracted animator who worked on the battle scene (obviously, it seemed like a robot fight) were given less budget?

    Oh, and the Precure fight scene sucked. They didnt even threw a single punch or kick, AGAIN. Only Sparda and Gamettsu only seriously threw a PUNCH at the swing monster (And they arent even Precures). Orba was suddenly.... wow, his design from a nerd to a angelic devil guy was great (Be careful who you call ugly in high school). But seriously, one Extreme Rainbow and he's gone. I feel they can use him more before the end of the series (like Close in GP Precure).

    Overall, I think the series is a mess (no offense) and I really wish Kira Kira Precure can come and save the day with dessert combat.

    1. I also forgot mention that Batty's fight with the Don Yokubal has huge black out linings akin to the old 70s robot shows. Someone forgot to do QC before broadcasting the episode...