Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Maho Tsukai Precure Ep 42: The Land of Fairies Part 1

Cure Up! Rapapa! This is my review of Maho Tsukai Precure Episode 42 Review and Chikurun finally revealed his true motives to the girls!

We do get to see Chikurun's past as he is lazy in doing his chores unlike his fellow bee fairies as such Oruba recruited him to his cause. After informing him about the Linkle stones, Oruba ordered him to get the stones as he does felt uneasy in stealing them under the girls' noses.

At the same time, Rizu teaches the girls how to make pudding with magic (Yeah...not interested) But Chikurun managed to steal Morfurun's bag that contained all the stones including Kotoha's Smart Tome which I thought she had it with her all along?

Anyway, Shakinsu arrived and ordered Chikurun to handover the stones to him. When the girls catch up to them, he finally revealed he is working for Oruba and Shakinsu became huge and swollen all the stones inside his body.

However Chikurun decided to change sides and went into Shakinsu's mouth to retrieve the stones but before Shakinsu fired a blast at him. The girls transformed and even protect Chikurun in danger which for reasons unknown, the Topaz stone decided to give the girls more power and defeated Shakinsu with the Rainbow Chariot. (Is he dead already?)

After the battle, the girls forgave Chikurun and offered him the pudding they made. The grape decors accepted their feelings and created a magic door which the girls entered to find the land of fairies...

The saying "As busy as a Bee" didn't apply to Chikurun as we see that he does not take his work seriously which led to Oruba to recruit him. But why Chikurun is anyone's guess? Anyway, we all know that Chikurun will betray the girls and the girls do find about it. Being the nice and naive girls they are, they forgive Chikurun immediately which he finally agreed to be a good person.

The scene where the girls were making puddings was not interesting other that they used magic to break an egg which they are relying on magic too much. What's the point of having hands when you can use magic to do anything? But then, it is their world and way of life so nothing else to say about it.

Why didn't Shakinsu used his large form more often? The worst thing was being big was useless as the girls defeated him with not just a giant hammer and also the Rainbow Chariot which can destroy a boss level character in one blow. So is this the end of Shakinsu? If so, Maho Tsukai villains are really pushovers.

Anyway, this episode isn't interesting except we all knew Chikurun will betray the girls in one way or another and redeem himself at the end. Next episode, the girls arrived at Chikurun's home-the Land of Fairies. Chikurun finally reunited with some lady which I am guessing she is their Queen. Until then, see you in the next post!

P.S: I am aware of the upcoming episodes for December which I felt it isn't very interesting at all. Probably the final battle will begin in January and then we will have Kirakira Precure in February which I find their motto about food and fighting pretty funny. But then, we have Kamen Rider Gaim whose theme is fruits and look how good that show was. 

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