Sunday, November 13, 2016

Maho Tsukai Precure Ep 40 : Riko's Mother is a Hottie!

Cure Up! Rapapa! This is my review of Maho Tsukai Precure Episode 40 Review and today is Riko's Birthday!

Riko's mother Riria who is a famous chef arrived at the girls' doorstep and today happened to be Riko's birthday! Riria loved her daughter so much that she baked not one cake but a giant size cake for her party.

Even Rian and Rizu came to the party and Mirai and Kotoha were filled with envy but Riko was trying to hide her embarrassment because of the overwhelming hospitality by her family. Her family gave Riko various presents although Riria's present of a storybook is kinda of foreshadowing what is going to happen since we are at the final quarter of the series.

The battle with Shakinsu and his Don Yokubal also foreshadow the arrival of Deusmast as he is travelling in space destroying planets after planets and heading towards Earth. Of course, the Tazanite Gemstone that Rian was carrying it react to Cure Magical's emotions and it gave an extra boost to weaken the Don Yokubal.

After the battle, the Star decor entered the Rainbow Chariot and everything went back to normal. Before Riko's family return to the Magic world, she thanked them for everything and when their parents were flying back, they know in the heart that Riko is destined for great things since the night she was born and the Diamond pendant reacted to her.

Miria and Kotoha also gave their birthday present in a form of sky writing to Riko which she appreciate about it...

This episode is a nice episode since Riko's family are pretty nice people even though their hospitality to their daughter is slightly over the top but then they don't see their daughter very often so it is understandable that they want to give the best to for their daughter.

The storybook that Riria gave to Riko also foreshadowing how the story will precede in the future. The green planet could be Kotoha and the two fairies are supposedly Mirai and Riko. The Sun could be Deusmast or someone else but we will only know when the time come. With Deusmast heading towards Earth, it is a matter of time as the headmaster and Rian were also preparing to defeat him when he arrived.

Anyway, Riria is a hot mother that I can't wait to see any doujin artists doing a story about her. (Don't lie, you know how it is going to be!) But I really like Riria's fun spirit and playful demeanour and she is voiced by Iwao Junko who did the voice of  Tomoyo from Card Captor Sakura and Hikari from Evangelion.

The only thing that Riria didn't know is Riko is a Precure which is strange that Rian and Rizu are keeping a secret from her. Maybe they are worried that Riria might overreact to it but since their world is all about magic and myths, she might take it well beside she knew that Riko is destined for great things after the Diamond pendant reacted to her shortly after her birth.

Overall, it is a nice episode and we are reaching the beginning of the end but hopefully the pay off is worth it otherwise, you know that I am going to roast this season to the ground when it end next February. Next week, the girls return to the Magic World but the headmaster sense something evil on the horizon and why is Cure Magical glowing? Until then, see you in the next post.

P.S: Anyone watch episode 66 of Dragonball Super today? It is probably one of the best epic battles in Dragonball history! No wonder the episode title focus is not on Vegito but rather Trunks who proved that you don't need Goku to save the day every time.

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