Sunday, September 18, 2016

Maho Tsukai Precure Ep 33 : Here's Daddy!

Cure Up! Rapapa! This is my review of Maho Tsukai Precure Episode 33 Review and Riko's father Rian has come to visit her on Earth!

So we have the obligation Father episode in the form of Riko's father Rian whose appearance was in shadows when he was talking to the headmaster in previous episodes. When he finally appeared, he was pretty "normal." Rian was polite to Mirai's family and even offered some precious stones which Mirai's mother was so happy to accept it.

However Riko herself isn't too happy to see her father as it seems that Rian is always overseas and as a result, Riko rarely interact with him and treat him like an awkward parent. What is the first thing that Rian does? He was fascinated by the Rainbow Chariot and the decors although he too knew about the girls being Precures which Riko was totally annoyed that the headmaster spill the beans to him. (You are a dick, headmaster!)

Furthermore, Rian was more interested in the Precures powers and Riko immediately walked out on him. As expected, Mirai and her father gave pep talk to both father and daughter respectively. But Benigyo who make her first physical appearance attacked the girls.

Rian tried to protect Cure Magical when she was down and got injured in the process. Of course, the girls were pissed and defeated the Don Yokubal with the "Rainbow Cannon" (That's what I am calling it from now on!) Since this is a kids show, Rian didn't die and told Riko that he is proud of her and flew off in Mary Poppins Fashion. Not before, the girls realise that the decors are creating the magic circle in the Rainbow Chariot...

Overall, this episode is a bit mediocre for a Father theme episode. Rian is not the overprotective kind since he knew that Riko is a Precure from the headmaster which he took it well actually. Imagine if it is some other parents who found out their child is a super hero? Despite being engrossed in his work, he does care for Riko when he protect her from the Don Yokubal's attacks.

Although I find that he didn't present anything for the girls like a new power up item or sort but instead gave encouraging words for Riko. (Really don't know how to promote your new toys, Toei?)

Benigyo is probably the best looking villain in the series since she is "HOT!" If you read the Japanese forum boards, the fans are actually excited to see a sexy villain voiced by one of the sexiest and Forever 17 years old Seiyuu around-Inoue Kikuko.

Some of the fans even thank for the panties shot when Benigyo stood up! Although I could swore she said that the "others" have yet to be awaken which could indicate that there might be more generals appearing in the future. (Is it really necessary to have so many generals for this season?)

Anyway, the next episode focus is Mayumi as she has a love crush on a boy at school. The girls decided to help although I have a feeling it is not going to go well since none of them have even had a boy in their lives in the first place! Until then, see you in the next post!

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