Sunday, May 1, 2016

Maho Tsukai Precure Ep 13: Happiness in your Hand

Cure Up! Rapapa! This is my review of Maho Tsukai Precure Episode 13 Review and the girls are out at the hills for some BBQ!

For Riko, everything is new and exciting for her since this is her first BBQ outing. From pressing a car window to how interesting that you can cook food over a fire, it is an eye opener for her.

I want some of Rizu's meat...Give it to me!!

Of course, Rizu arrived and apparently Mirai's male classmates (Souta and Yuto) were captivated by her beauty despite earlier they try to get into Riko's good books. (Boys will be boys!) Rizu also passed a letter to Mirai and Riko from the headmaster who claimed he found a clue on how to find the next Linkle stone.

Although the two girls didn't understand the meaning of the headmaster's letter, Riko decided to find the Linkle stone by using her magic and nearly being chased by a swarm of bees. Worse, Riko tried her magic to get directions of the Linkle stone but failed.

However after tasting the rice that she had cooked, Riko realized that magic is not omnipotent. Sure, magic and equipments could help in some way but sometimes, using your own hands to get things done make you appreciate more of the little things in life as Mirai's father expressed.

The fight with Batty and his Yokubal was all right since the girls used the speed of Sapphire form to make the Yokubal had a head-on collision to the ground. With Riko learning more of herself, the Linkle Peridot stone appeared in front of them. (Although it is weird that their fight didn't attract Rizu and the others since there was so much explosion going on)

The final scene was touching since Rizu told Riko that she was destined to be a great Magic user ever since her magic wand reacted to the Linkle Diamond. With it, Riko had a new view in becoming a better Magic User and Precure.

Other than that, Kana is being treated like the butt of jokes since this is her third sighting of seeing the girls flying their broomsticks and nobody seem to take her seriously. How much do Toei want to make this poor girl a running gag in the show? Also, Early in the episode, Souta commented Mirai on her bringing Mofurun along and he nod to Mirai...(did Souta saw Mofurun nod his head or it is just a wink to the fourth wall?)

Mirai..a bear is smarter than you...

A fun episode with Rizu giving her blessings to Riko at the end. Next episode is Mirai's greatest challenge-Exam Papers which you could see from the next preview that her studies isn't on par with Riko. She decided to give Mirai some Spartan training in order to pass her next test paper. Until then, see you next week!

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