Sunday, May 8, 2016

Maho Tsukai Precure Ep 14: A Gift from the Moon

Cure Up! Rapapa! This is my review of Maho Tsukai Precure Episode 14 Review and Mirai faced her greatest challenge-A Maths Re-Test!

This episode is all about hard work being rewarded. From Mirai retaking her Maths test to Ha-Chan drawing a perfect Maru Hana (Spiral Flower). Mirai failed her Maths test and she has to take a re-test in three days' time.

Riko decided to aid her in her studies since she got full marks in her papers. Although it kinda of odd as Mirai is not a complete idiot as she is actually good in English, Science and even Physical sports but Maths is her weakest subject. Despite Riko trying to teach Mirai at home, Mirai didn't take things seriously which had Riko making the television set disappeared. (To where? I don't know either)

However Mirai learns something from Mayumi who suggested that Riko is the kind of person who doesn't like to show off despite being an intellect person. Mirai also found out that Riko take her studies seriously with a schedule and even squeeze some time for Mirai's studies which touched Mirai and she became more motivated to work harder.

Later Riko used her broomstick to write words of encouragement in the sky for Mirai before taking her Re-test. (And Making Kana run up to Mirai like a crazed chicken to demand for answers) As expected, Mirai got a passing grade in her test and Ha-Chan who has been trying to draw the perfect Maru Hana was rewarded as the Moon (?) granted the girls the latest Linkle stone-The Moon Stone.

The fight with Gamets and his Yokubal was all right as the girls used the Tanzanite stone to blind the Yokubal. (This week's Dragon Ball Super has a similar moment when Krillin used Taiyo Ken which is basically a flash bomb to create the same effect) Next was with the Peridot stone to immobilize the Yokubal and used the Diamond Big Bang to end it.

There is one weird thing that doesn't make sense as when Gamets smashed the ground in the school field, won't that attract anyone else beside the girls and they are fighting with so much rackle, is the school wall soundproof to begin with?

Overall, it is an okay episode as both Mirai and Riko learns something about each other and how with hard work and determination, Mirai was rewarded with a good grade and the Linkle Moonstone for Ha-Chan.

Isn't she the cutest thing?!

Next week is a Ha-Chan episode as we finally find out what the various Linkle stones does when she used it. Look like it is going to really chaotic for the girls to catch up with Ha-Chan's new powers! Until then, see you in the next episode!

P.S: It has been a month since the new season of anime shows are on the air and look like there are some pretty good series especially one particular show about Samurais vs Zombies. Do you want me to do a review on this show or any other shows that you are interested? Kindly leave it in the comments section and I will see what can I do.

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  1. Are you talking about Iron Fortress of Kabaneri? IOf it is, I reallky want a review about this!