Sunday, April 17, 2016

Maho Tsukai Precure Ep 11 Review: Riko's First Day in School

Cure Up! Rapapa! This is my review of Maho Tsukai Precure Episode 11 Review and today Riko enrolled in Mirai's school.

Basically, we were introducted to a few new characters in this episode. We have Mirai's father, Daikichi who is an inventor of sort and created the first instant bread maker. Even Riko was amazed by his invention and thought it was magic but Daikichi explained it to be Science! Who want to think that Daikichi could use his inventions to help the girls if he is let in their Precure lives?

Then we are introduced to Mirai's class (finally some male students in the series!) which consists of Mayumi and Souta who are Miria's friends. Kana who accidentally saw Mirai and Riko using their broomsticks to fly to school and Mofurun and Ha-Chan appearing in class which nobody believe her although I have a feeling she might go and try to find out their identifies in future episodes.

We also learn that Mofurun is always been with Mirai since young and the head teacher telling the girls that they are not suppose to use their magic in public which include not bringing Mofurun and Ha-Chan to school. These got Mofurun very upset and he sneak into Mirai's school bag with Ha-Chan and begin their little adventure in school.

Gamets is actually more smarter than Spalda from last episode since he decided to go after the Linkle Topaz when Mofurun got it. He is also more brutal as he tried to wrest the stone out of Mofurun when he caught him.

The Topaz Form, in my opinion is the Trickster Style or some called it the Green Lantern Style since it can create any things the girls wanted which is funny to see Cure Miracle creating a giant hammer to smash the Yokubal's head. Their final attack is also overkill since it involved throwing the Yokubal into a lava pit.

Other than that, we finally have Riko using the word-Izayoi as her family name, the talking Crystal ball is called Kathy (Cute name), Ha-Chan is able to talk now (Hayami Saori using a cuter voice) and how did Grandmother fool Mirai's parents? By telling them that Mirai went to a tea cultural school (Sahou in Japanese) during the holiday although Grandmother wasn't surprised about Riko's appearance when Mirai introduced her to the family.

Overall, a better episode this week around. Next week, Riko tried to be the best in her academic and seems to push herself a bit too hard! Until then, see you in the next episode!

P.S: Our prayers and thoughts are for the people of Japan as they are now suffering from two major earthquakes last week. Hope you can recover soon! Gambare, Japan!


  1. So the full name is Izayoi Riko? Wow that's a really nice name, reminded me of a "black rose witch" in YGO 5D's call Izayoi Aki!

    But back to the episode, as much as I would love to see Riko prove her worth in both Magical & non-Magical worlds, I seriously started to despise how the writers decided to (I assume) kill off Riko's enrollment in the magical school to accommodate her enrollment in Mirai's school (I no longer buy the fact that she's an exchange student who will stay for a year because after that period the season is definitely finished), I mean they're plenty of examples about Precures attending different schools in the same season but this one really made me feel blue because since a Precure season usually ends about 48-50 episodes, I took it as the coverage for the magical school only lasted for one-fifth of this season while the remainder in Mirai's school. It really hurts because I really wanted to see more stuff in the Magical world, I'm not a fan of seeing Precures from other worlds stranded on Earth but I think I've got no choice but to accept this... (AND should Riko ultimately decided to stay on Earth after the season's conclusion I'll kamikaze the writers!)

    1. The surname Izayoi, which may sound familiar as the original surname of Akiza in Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds and/or that of Inuyasha's mother, means literally "sixteen-day moon," referring to the phase when the moon begins to wane. It can be seen as a parallel to her host family's surname, since Asahina translates to "morning sun." So "waning moon" Izayoi as foil to "morning sun" Asahina.

  2. Since Ha-chan's appearances change every time they gain a new linkle stone I think she will grow up more when they gane more linkle stones. And I have a feeling that gathering the rest of the linkle stones will help them find the emerald stone.

  3. This episode reminds me, we never have a Precure made by Science. It would be cool to see a Precure made by pure Science instead of magic.

    1. what the hell you talking about?
      precure is mahou shoujo = magical girls so of course it magical. :D

  4. I liked this episode. It focus on Mofurun and Ha-chan in this one. :)
    So there are rules, similar to the Harry Potter world, huh? Interesting and omoshiroi. This will be a challenge for the ‘Duo of Cure Witches’, and I'm also curious about that student Kana's future in this series.
    I really liked the Topaz Form and their 'shapeshifting items'! That's so cool!
    And Ha-chan is growing up and she can talk from now on! Can't wait to see her final form or final growth stage. ^^