Monday, December 28, 2015

Go Princess Precure Ep 46 Top 3 Moments and Review: Snow Castle Defence!

Gokigenyou! This is my review of Go Princess Precure episode 46 and it is the Winter Holidays! (Screenshots are from 2ch)

No 3: Everyone! Let's build a Snow Castle!

The girls are telling each other of how they are going to spend the Winter holidays and Towa has her first experience of Winter Snow! The girls started making things out of snow when Towa decided to make a Snow Castle.

Yuki and the other Male students saw what the girls were doing and decided to help out. Soon, everyone from both the Male and Female dorms volunteered to help make the castle. With everyone's help, the castle was finally finished and Towa was touched by it's presence.

No 2: Shut vs Princess Precure!

Shut was wandering around town and losing his mind after his last defeat. He saw the Snow Castle and Towa (who was finding her gloves) and is filled with rage upon seeing both of them. He started attacking Towa and she transformed to defend herself.

The other girls joined in and managed to hold him at bay. He claimed he is the most beautiful but Cure Mermaid created a Ice pillar and reveal to Shut how ugly and evil he has become.

Suddenly Shut started loathing himself claiming that Dyspear, Close and Lock treated him like a nuisance and he can't get anything right and blamed Cure Scarlet for making his life miserable. Shut released his hatred and turned into a giant cat. (I think that is a cat)

No 1: Let me help you, Shut...

Despite Shut attacking ferociously at them, Cure Flora and Cure Scarlet decided to save him and with the power of Grand Printemps, Shut was defeated and turned back into his human form.

Cure Scarlet walked up to him and explained that Twilight was never her real self and she has now found friends and warmth after knowing who she really is. She offered her hand to Shut but he refused and walked alone in the snow.

The girls came back to the castle and saw Yui is busy supervising everyone in repairing the Snow Castle which they were glad about it. Shut was watching them from afar when Shamor and Kuroro gave him a neck warmer and he quietly took it without saying a word...

Hey kids, buy our toys!!!

As the girls began their holidays with their loved ones, the Flower Castle was shining at the Hope Kingdom...

This episode is all about closure between Towa and Shut. As seen in Shut's flashback, he fell head over tail when Towa as Twilight appeared before him. Since then, he tried his best to impress her however it failed when Towa regained her memories and became Cure Scarlet.

After that, Lock, Close and Dyspear treated him like a joke and humiliate him whenever the opportunity arises. After last week's episode when Shut failed in defeating the Precures for the last time, he became an empty shell. But when rage overcame his emotions after seeing Towa and the Snow Castle, that's when all bets are off and Shut finally snap and starting blaming everyone for humiliating him. (Shut is really a bully victim)

Shut turning into a giant cat was not as awesome like Crow and Lock since the girls are strong enough to overcome him. But what stand out unlike Lock who got turned back into Kuroro, Shut didn't became good after being purified by Grand Printemps and still have some hate against Cure Scarlet. He refused to accept her help and walked away. But when Shamour and Kuroro gave him a neck warmer, he quietly accepted it. Perhaps there is still some good inside Shut and all it need is just one more push for Shut to become good again.

The rest of the episode of everyone building the Snow castle was pretty fun especially seeing the side characters getting into the action. Of course, the girls finally spent some time with their loved ones-Haruka returned to help in her family restaurant, Minami and her family were at the North Pole looking at Penguins, Kirara spend some quality time with her overseas parents and Towa and Kanata spent Christmas with Nishikido.

Overall, I gave a B plus for this holiday episode! Not much on the girls but how much one person (In the case of Shut) can take so much abuse before hitting the breaking point and letting it out in one crazed frenzy. Let's hope that Shut will finally realise his mistake before the series ended.

With the final Flower Castle shining in the final shot, it is Haruka's arc in the next episode! A mysterious blue bird lured Haruka into a trap and the others were caught by Close's latest plan! Can Haruka break free of the spell before it is too late? Only four more episodes left before the finale! Until then, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! See you in two week's time! Gokigenyou!

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  1. Hope Shut will be redeemed soon enough, and boy did I saw Kirara's dad? (I thought she's from a divorced family?)Whatever, a nice episode to end 2015 and it's time to welcome 2016! Gokigenyou all and goodbye!!