Sunday, July 12, 2015

Go Princess Precure Ep 23 Top 4 Moments and Review: Together at last! The Four Princess!!

Gokigenyou! This is my review of Go Princess Precure episode 23 and is Towa ready to accept Haruka and her friends?

No 4: Lock take charge!

Dyspear was filled with rage after her plan failed to take back Towa. She decided to retreat to the forest of Despair and let Lock take charge. She also gave him a device which we later find out absorb negative energy from victims.

Furthermore, Lock used a special version of the Zetsuborg to increase the power of the Zetsuborg in this episode's battle. Although what is Lock's agenda since he revealed his true form as a grown man which I am already getting Bel's vibes from him and it is a not a good sign either.

No 3: The girls take Towa to town!

Haruka and the others decided to take Towa out to town for some fun. Towa looked lovely in that white dress which matched her red hair. We then had a montage of the girls bringing Towa to places to enjoy themselves.

Puff is so cute!!!

Although they settle down to have some donuts (Love Puff's munching on a donut!) Towa wondered why the girls are taking it so easy since Dyspear is still alive and the Hope Kingdom is not freed yet. Haruka tried to explain further but Towa walked out of the shop.

I want a castle with three housemaids in it!

Although I am wondering why didn't anyone catch up to her since Towa later get into some trouble like walking in the middle of the road, trying to buy a castle from a real estate agent and trying to get a job in a grocery store.

No 2: Towa met Mochizuki and Cure Scarlet battle with Lock!

Towa was upset that she couldn't get what she want and was sulking to herself on a beach. She met Mochizuki and she brought her to have some food in a cafe. Towa started to feel better and smile at her which Mochizuki felt that Towa should stay positive since she is such a lovely girl.

Scarlet Illusion!

Scarlet Spark!

Later Lock appeared and turned Mochizuki into a Zetsuborg. Towa transformed to Cure Scarlet and we get to see her other two powers-Scarlet Illusion and Scarlet Spark from the Hanabi key. But Lock make the Zetsuborg stronger with a special lock and started tauting Cure Scarlet claiming everyone she care about will be turned into Zetsuborg.

No 1: The 4 Princess Precure assembled!

Cure Scarlet started to lose focus after Lock taunted her but Cure Flora and the others arrived. Although the girls couldn't handle Lock and the Zetsuborg on their own but Cure Flora remained positive and gave Cure Scarlet a hug. She wanted Cure Scarlet to know good and bad things should be shared together with friends which she finally understand.



Cure Scarlet apologised to everyone for her selfishness and together they shouted their roll call with Cure Scarlet (Finally!) With the four Precures together, they defeated the Zetsuborg and freed Mochizuki.

A while later, the four girls including Yui will called up by the headmaster of the school which none of them has seen her before. They were surprised that it was Mochizuki. She offered Towa a chance to study with the others and she took the offer with a smile...

So we finally come to the end of the Twilight/Cure Scarlet arc and it is a great arc despite how fast things move between Towa's relationship with Haruka. This episode is also similar to several Super Sentai series where the 6th ranger worked with the main team but couldn't get along until an event make him realised he finally understand and tag along with them.

I love the scenes with Towa wandering around the town on her own and it was funny that she asked the real estate agent that she wanted a real castle with three housemaids in it. But thanks to Mochizuki and Haruka who gave her words of encouragement, she understand that they meant her well and now she is getting a chance to lead a normal life with the others.

Lock is pretty interesting now after the last few episodes since Dyspear entrusted him to take charge while she rest in the forest of Despair. Lock tried to make Cure Scarlet lose her faith in the battle but was foiled by Cure Flora. Although Lock is sitting on Dyspear's throne and reveal his real grown form. What is his plan for the girls? I am pretty sure it will be something mean and despicable in the future.

Overall I gave this episode an A. Although not as epic as the last two episodes but a satisfied conclusion to the arc. The opening is slightly changed as Towa started the narration and instead of three princess, she said four princess in the narration.

What's up with Haruka and Yui's expressions?

Towa is also seen in the group shot wearing a school uniform as we see in the next episode, she is a room mate with Kirara. However both of them couldn't get along since Towa is upright while Kirara is happy go lucky. Can this two room mates get along before the next Zetsuborg battle? Untl then, see you next week for the next episode? Gokigenyou!

P.S: Just for fun, I created a poll to see up who is your favourite Pink/Leader Precure till date. For the next few weeks, I will put up polls for the various color Precures just to see how much fans really like who in general. Enjoy!


  1. Hmm, does this episode reminds me of Setsuna (Fresh Precure) who had to face the dilemma of consoling a boy that had his dog turned into a Nakewameke? This time it's Towa' turn to face the same issue as she faces Yume, the one who was turned into a Zetsuborg by herself, and eventually get over with it and apologized for her previous misdeeds. That aside, I was really pissed that too often the most powerful Precure of her team got her powers downgraded that she must be aided by her teammates and let the lead Cures grab all the spotlight! I knew the norm wasn't new given that other animes did that as well, but I still hated it!

    Besides, I really love the scene where Towa struggled to intergrate herself into the modern society while making silly (and funny) advances XD And Lock, himself being sidelined for too long might bored him to death, and thus him assume the role of the pesent big bad (and, who knows, might even usurp Dyspear's place) is indeed a requirement or the series to progress with Dyspear recovering afte being burned by Cure Scarlet (and that's why I hated how Lock was able to beat down Scarlet and other Cures so easily).

    Next week, my kirakira idol Kirara is having her moment to tag with the rising fav of mine-Towa! My ratings of my favourite Princess Precures thus far: Twinkle>Scarlet (No kidding, her impact is even more remarkable than Mermaid during her debut)>Mermaid>Flora. And, welcome to Noble Academy, Towa-san! That's all from me, gokigenyou all!

  2. Absolutely love Cure Scarlet! She's like Cure Ace as a maverick as first because she wants to live alone before she decides to trust on the other three Precures. And her curiosity of the human world terms like traffic rules and budget reminds me of Cure Beat! :3 <3