Monday, July 6, 2015

First Impress-Dragonball Super Ep 1: Nothing really happen...

Hello everyone! This is my review of Dragonball Super episode 1 and what do I think about it?

To be frank, this episode is a continuation after the Buu Saga. Six months has passed and Goku spend his days working as a farmer after a nagging Chi Chi claimed he has not earned any money since his death and revival.

The rest of the cast are going through peaceful times like Gohan and Videl getting married, Mr Satan convincing the media that Fat Buu is his student and Goten and Trunks on a little adventure looking for a present for Videl's wedding. Mr Satan even gave the reward money of 100 billion cash to Goku as a reward but for some reason, doesn't want anyone else to know about it.

The only interesting plot is that Beerus is going searching for good food and blow up a planet in half after the food they served was satisfactory which the Kai Oh Shin felt it...

What do I think for this opening episode? A filler to be honest. Even though we will be probably have Beerus as the main antagonist in the upcoming episodes, the whole episode felt like one of the filler episode during the original run of the show.

Although Goten and Trunks encountered a giant Anaconda during their adventure but there was no tension since they dealt with the Anaconda with ease. Gohan and Videl preparing for their wedding was boring even with Piccolo watching from afar.

Why Mr Satan want Goku to keep it a secret with regards of the reward money is a still a big question mark however I got a feeling it is really nothing big deal even if it is exposed. Goku even used the money to get himself away from Chi Chi and went straight to King Kai's planet for training. I was laughing myself when Master Roshi crashed into their house and wanted to use the reward money to buy some ecchi videos was priceless.

I am suggesting that this series is probably retelling the battle against Beerus and we know how that battle ended if you have watch Battle of Gods. But the opening also show a similar character like Beerus (only fatter) and maybe we might have a twist to the plot.

Overall, this episode didn't impress me much though there were some Dragonball humours but it will take a while before I will get into the show. Worse is that the next episode is about Vegeta and his family going to a resort for a holiday! You can imagine what will happen with a hot headed Prince of Saiyan going for a holiday! Until then, see you in the next review!

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