Monday, July 6, 2015

Go Princess Precure Ep 22 Top 5 Moments and Review: Flames of Hope! Cure Scarlet!!

Gokigenyou! This is my review of Go Princess Precure episode 22 and what happen to Towa after remembering who she is?

No 5: Towa and Haruka's roles reversed?

When Towa woke up in the dorm, she finally remember what has happened all these while and how Kanata was left behind to fend off Dyspear. By her side was the Princess Perfume and the three Dark keys.

Later, she walked alone in the forest and heard Haruka playing Kanata's violin piece at the hill. (Funny that Haruka saw her perform at the same place the first time they met and now their roles has been reversed with Towa being lost in her direction.) Haruka tried to get Towa to play with Kanata's violin however she was unsure of herself.

No 4: Go Princess Precure vs Dyspear!

Dyspear abducted Towa into a giant tree and used her "despair" to make her more powerful. The girls tried to save Towa but Dyspear created shadow creatures which kept re-spawning every time they took down the creatures.

Although there was good teamwork and real time special attacks for the battle but eventually they were overpowered. However Cure Flora is not giving up despite the odds.

No 3: Cure Flora and Towa's violin performance.

Cure Flora broke through Dyspear's defences and found Towa held inside a core. Cure Flora tried to convince Towa not to give up but she felt hopeless. However Cure Flora started playing the violin and told her "If you make a mistake, take one step at a time to correct it again" which is what Kanata used to say to her when they were young.

Towa finally took Kanata's violin and they performed together, destroying the tree and weakling Dyspear!

No 2: Dyspear's psychological attack on Towa.

Before the battle, Dyspear physically arrived on Earth and death followed everywhere she goes. She appeared in front of Haruka and Towa and tried to make her loss hope. Dyspear's face was very close to Towa and is very creepy when she talked in a low deep voice.

She finally weaken Towa and trapped her in a tree of despair. Using her despair as energy, she also petrified everyone at the dorms, leaving only the girls and the mascots to defend themselves.

No 1: Cure Scarlet rise from the Flames of Hope!

With Towa overcoming her despair, she confronted Dyspear but she fired at her, causing her to fall off the tree. Suddenly the Princess Perfume and the three Dark keys reacted to her feelings and she became Cure Scarlet!

Tiara on!!

Rise of the Phoenix!!!

Cure Scarlet was strong enough to overcome the shadow creatures and Kanata's violin became her new weapon-Scarlet Violin and her attack-Precure Phoenix Blaze drove Dyspear to retreat.

After the battle, Cure Scarlet told Cure Flora that Kanata is still alive as she could sense his feelings through the violin. The girls now have a new resolve to begin with...

If you think last week's episode was great then this episode is awesome! Very rarely the new Precure member has such an impact in their first appearance. (The last good one in my opinion was Setsuna/Cure Passion) Here is a redemption for Towa as she felt guilty for causing the Hope Kingdom and Kanata to fall under Dyspear's rule.

But Cure Flora who is the supporter in this episode gave words of wisdom to Towa about how one can make amends. Coincidentally her words are the exact same words Kanata spoke to her when they were young. So Kudos to Cure Flora for giving Towa the courage to move forward. (Although I am worried that the other two girls will end up being wallflowers since Haruka and Towa are pretty vital to the main plot)

I will said that Dyspear is probably one of the best Precure villains. The last time a villain who tried to attack a person's psyche with such creepiness is Joker from Smile Precure. After that, Doki Doki and Happiness Charge fall short of having great villains. (I am looking at you, Red!)

From her appearing on Earth in a physical form, she is already a Harbinger of Death since everything around her dies. Her taunting on Towa was so creepy that I was speechless when she had that evil smile and Towa scream out of fear. Sakakibara Yoshiko's performance of Dyspear is really good since she is known for playing manipulative characters like Haman Kann from Gundam ZZ and Nehelenia from Sailor Moon Super S.

Of course, we have to talk about Cure Scarlet which is Towa's alter ego! Originally I didn't like her design when she was introduced in magazines. But now it is sort of grown on as she remind me of a no-nonsense Milky Rose and Cure Moonlight. Furthermore her entrance speech and Mode Elegant is pretty badass thanks to Sawashiro Miyuki's performance. The violin BGM piece when she was fighting matched perfectly. (Need to find this music piece in the original soundtrack!)

Her attack-Precure Phoenix Blaze is pretty awesome that some comments in the Japanese forum claimed it is like the Gatchaman Fire Bird attack or Saint Seiya's Phoenix Ikki's attack-Ho Yoko Tensho. (Fire Bird Attacks are always cool to look at!)

Towa looked great in white!

Towa, Get off the Road!!

Overall I gave this episode an A plus! Knowing that Kanata is still alive, the girls are more determined to defeat Dyspear. But first, they have to make Towa feel at home. However in the next episode, Towa has no idea how to live a normal life and wandered off in her own adventure. Can the girls make Towa part of the team while fending off another Zetsuborg attack? Find out next week! Until then, Gokigenyou!


  1. Week after week, and I've seen three consecutive awesome episodes!! Boy, did anyone notice how Haruka's (I mean Kanata's) violin play is in SYNC with Towa's? That's freaking sweet and charming! Poor peasants (Mermaid and Twinkle) are at the mercy of Dyspear and Scarlet SOLOED her and drove her away like a boss!! Not to mention how FANTASTIC Scarlet's transformation and her Mode Elegant is (totally UNIQUE compared to the already established Princess Cures), easily surpasses even the usually staggering Mermaid and Twinkle!! Now that's what I call a genuine princess!! Scarlet's my favourite Cure now (can't resist Shut's earlier fangasms XD) !! All the best in reclaiming Hope Kingdom and your onisama, Scarlet!! (Sorry that I didn't highlight your contribution in this, Flora....)

    Sadly, an important note (like in other Precure series) : In the end, the lead Cures will wrestle back their spotlight, so Scarlet should enjoy her moments of individual awesomeness before Flora claimed it back :(

  2. Considering we are quitting a week where others series (mainly coming from Toei) had epic episodes. This is a thing we don't see many times on year.