Monday, June 29, 2015

Go Princess Precure Ep 21 Top 4 Moments and Review: Reunion in Hope Kingdom Part 2

Gokigenyou! This is my review of Go Princess Precure episode 21 and what happen next with the girls facing Dark Twilight?

No 4: Dark Twilight vs Princess Precure!

The girls tried their best to hold up against Twilight but she was too strong. She even resort to using another Dark key to become Elegant Form and overwhelm the girls including their powers. The presence of Dyspear also cause a lot of hindrance as they finally discovered her true motives.

No 3: Towa's abduction by Dyspear.

Years ago, Towa who wanted to gain the admiration of Kanata as she dream of becoming a Grand Princess like the Former Princess Precure. Dyspear used that weakness and lured her into the Forest of Despair and brainwashed her into serving Dyspear.

After that, the people of Hope Kingdom felt hopeless after knowing Towa went missing which created negative energy for Dyspear to be free and conquer the Kingdom.

No 2: The Power of Dreams and Kanata's Violin Melody!

Twilight thought she has defeated the girls but Cure Flora didn't give up and somehow knew that there is still good in her. During their battle, Cure Flora recalled how they first met and her violin performance still retain some "Light of Dreams" inside her (Translation: there is some good left in her)

Cure Mermaid and Cure Twinkle joined in and used Trinity Explosion in a clash of strength against Twilight. They were losing their grip when suddenly Kanata started playing her favourite piece with his violin, making Twilight finally remembering him. It also broke the brainwash spell and the girls purify her back to Towa. (Shut went all gaga seeing Twilight in her new form and of course went ballistic when she turned back to Towa)

No 1: Till we meet again, Haruka...

Although they saved Towa, Dyspear was furious and tried to catch them again. Everyone rushed to the doorway back to Earth however Kanata decided to stay behind to hold off Dyspear. Haruka was upset that he is not following but he was happy to see her and Towa again.

He send Haruka back to Earth and destroyed the doorway. The last scene showed him facing off Dyspear with a broken magic staff and his last words to Haruka is to take care of Towa on his behalf...

After two weeks of waiting, (I apologised for the previous review as I was unaware that this episode will be shown today instead of last week) the conclusion to this exciting and yet bittersweet episode! We finally knew how Dyspear conquer the Hope Kingdom by tricking Towa and consuming negative energy from the people of Hope Kingdom.

Kanata blame himself for getting Towa involved since Dyspear used her weakness and brainwash into serving her but Cure Flora is the one who retained a positive attitude throughout this ordeal. Although her encounters with Twilight were not as close as Love and Setsuna but yet she could "sense" her dreams while she was playing her violin. She knew there is still good in her and with Kanata playing her favourite piece, the spell was finally broken and she returned to normal.

The fight scenes with Twilight were pretty good especially Cure Flora taking on her one on one. Her fighting style was so beautiful and swift which I hope Toei will retain her fighting style in future episodes. Precures should fight with style rather than brawling (Although sometime it work) but I rather see something unique and this season has not fail me so far.

Of course, the conclusion was bittersweet as Kanata sacrifice himself to fend off Dyspear. Haruka was upset since they finally met after all these years but now have to be seperated once more. (Don't worry, they will meet again) Although I got a feeling that Dyspear might capture Kanata and brainwash him like Towa but this time it will be Haruka and Towa to save him from Dyspear. (Ironic if that happen)

Overall, I gave this episode a solid A plus! With the adventure in Hope Kingdom ended, what will happen now as Towa finally regain her memories but is all alone on Earth? Can Haruka and the others make peace with her or as seen in the trailer, Dyspear will try one last time to lure Towa back to the dark side? As the next episode announced, Cure Scarlet will finally make her appearance! Until then, see you next week and Gokigenyou!

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  1. Bittersweet episode indeed T_T I'm so happy that Towa is finally reunited with Kanata, only to be seperated again... Haruka's painful expression sums it up. A lesson learned: One who is too eager for success might be tempted by the evil force and be manipulated, and that's what Towa went through when her desire to be a Grand Princess led her to be brainwashed as Dyspear's daughter in the name of Twilight (though I knew Twilight was too good to be related to that witch even when she was a villain). Overall, the fighting scene might not be long but still epic with its dialogues and monologues, reminding me of an anime I finished watching a few days ago, but of course, without bloodshed (this is a kid's show after all). I salute you, Haruka, for actually pioneering the return of Towa, and you earned my respect for this one, but there's still a long road for you to impress me to the fullest.

    >Dyspear might capture Kanata and brainwash him like Towa but this time it will be Haruka and Towa to save him from Dyspear<
    Excellent theory, and such possibility might exist, because Sagara Seiji (Happiness Charge) was brainwashed himself and fought the Happiness Charge Precures twice before being saved by Aino Megumi (Cure Lovely).

    Now, about the anime I mentioned above, it is Fate Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works, and boy I really hoped that the Servants could bash Dyspear until she's gone, for she's certainly among the villains that I despised the most! Saber's Excalibur? Archer's Unlimited Blade Works (no pun intended, that's where the anime got its name)? Or perhaps Gilgamesh's Ea (shouldn't gamble on this one, Ea might destroy Dyspear, the Princess Precures and the entire Hope Kingdom with a mere portion of its power)? My personal preference is Lancer's Gae Bolg, I want him to kill Dyspear personally with its deadly reverse and cause effect again and again, that would be great to witness! (Sorry for those who don't understand Type-Moon fictions.)