Monday, June 22, 2015

Robot Girls Z Plus Ep 2 Review: Farewell, Musashi!!! (Sort of?)

Hi everyone! This is my review of Robot Girls Z Plus episode 2 and today it is all about New Team G!

Basically Sky Magical Girl Grengan (based on Sky Beast Grangen) tried to attack the people in the local swimming pool but instead there were only fishermen using it. She attacked Bossborokko but was interrupted by Geccha Dragon and her team.

However the girls got captured and even the appearance of Jeeg San and her new partner, Pan San was useless as they too got caught. Suddenly Geccha's butlers, Ryoma and Musashi came to their aid. While this was going on, Bossborokko accidentally removed the plug from the pool, draining all the water out which gave Po Chan the chance to throw Grengan out of the pool.

But Grengan crashed into Musashi's car and were blown up in an explosion. Later Geccha introduced Benkei as a replacement for Musashi to everyone and they went back happily ever after except that Musashi and Grengan actually survive the crash...

This episode was a great episode if you like Team G and all the references from Getta Robo G. Let's start with Grengan which appeared in the Movie-Great Mazinger vs Getta Robo G and in the battle, Musashi crashed into Grengan in order to save Ryoma and Hayato. In here, it was parodied and even Ryoma shouted Musashi's name like in the movie. (Although Musashi died doing a Kamikaze attack in the final episode of Getta Robo and Benkei arrived in the first episode of Getta Robo G)

Next was Jeeg San and Paan San who are completely useless and the rest of the girls suspected that Pa Chan could be just a cos player and a Chuni byo since she behaved just like Jeeg San. Pan San is based on Paanazoid the robot horse in which Jeeg removed half of it's body and merged with Paanazoid like a human centaur. In here, it was done with hilarious results and Jeeg San even claimed Combination are cool...(face palm!)

Moar for me, Geccha!

Liger and Po Chan..Moar more!

Jeeg San and Pan San, let me tease you more, hehehe!

Finally Geccha and her friends were caught by Grengan's tentacles was a fan service to the viewers and I love it! (It's Nagai Go, what do you expect from the man who created Devilman and Cutey Honey?) Although Gecchan was this close in using Shining Spark which is Getta Dragon's most powerful attack but we have Po Chan doing Musashi's trademark attack-Daisetsuzan Oroshi and even Ryoma shouting Getta Machine Gun which he used it in Getta Robo Armageddon and the Manga.

Even Bossborokko which I mentioned in the previous review that she will help the girls in a pinch and true enough, she was the one who unplug the water from the pool so yeah, Bossborokko also saved the day too.

Overall, I gave this episode an A plus with all the fun moments in this episode! Next episode is the introduction of Team LOD which is based on Gaiking: Legend of Daikumaryu. Until then, see you next month!

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  1. Did you watch Gaiking LOD?

    It's a pretty good show in my opinion, minus the QUALITY of the tv version, which was fixed in the DVD releases.