Sunday, March 29, 2015

Go Princess Precure Ep 9 Top 3 Moments and Review: Minami's Weakness

Gokigenyou! This is my review of Go Princess Precure episode 9 and it is the night of the Noble Party!

No 3: Let the Party begin!

Didn't anyone notice a dog and a bird holding a glass?

Haruka, Kirara and Yui arrived at the party and Haruka was overwhelmed by the atmosphere. From seeing their housekeeper, Shirogane making mixed drinks at the juice bar, Haruka having a fill of a spread buffet and Yuki was a bit infatuated by Haruka's appearance although he still tease her but couldn't continue because of his female followers.

We are also introduced to two new male characters from the student council-Shun who is the vice president for the male students and Naoto who take charge of the mess hall. Haruka also learned that Minami has been working hard to make the party a success but she handle everything leaving the other members with little to do.

Minami later came by and claimed she looked up to her father and older brother who are very successful due to their management skills. She decided to use the student council to test her management skills so that she can be successful in her future career. Haruka wondered if that is her dream although Minami was uncertain about it.

No 2: When the lights goes out, the ghosts come out to play!

Close turned a student (who dream of becoming a horror film director) into a Zetsuborg and immediately cut the power in the party. Minami, Shun and Naoto went to investigate and we discovered that Minami is actually afraid of ghosts when a cute Casper like ghost created by the Zetsuborg appeared.

Is it me or is Young Minami a chubby little girl?

Even Minami's friend, Azuma mentioned of how Minami was scared of ghosts as a kid when she tried to scare her back then. So when Minami transformed to Cure Mermaid, she was totally scared stiff by the number of fake ghosts appearing in front of her.

No 1: You got a friend in me, Minami!

Flower Wave Kick!!

Haruka and Kirara arrived to help Cure Mermaid. Cure Twinkle hold off the Zetsuborg while Cure Flora got Cure Mermaid off her feet. Cure Mermaid even felt embarrassed to see her being all scared stiff. However Cure Flora hold her hand and told her that when she is afraid, she will hold her mother's hand to overcome it. That got Cure Mermaid to overcome her fear and finally dealt the finishing blow.

My Yuri senses is, must resist Sailor Moon jokes!

Once the party is resumed, Minami actually asked Haruka for the first dance which she is happy about it. She even thanked Haruka for making her realise that she can always rely on others for help no matter how big or small the matter is.

Overall, I give this episode a B plus since it is focused on Minami after two episodes of Haruka centric episodes. As I said before in my second episode review, Minami might be Miss Perfect in school but is actually afraid of ghosts which is her weakness. Haruka actually understand how Minami is going through since she too has her fair share of being scared and supported her throughout the battle.

Minami also has to learn on relying on others in need and not shouldering everything as commented by her fellow student council members. As she mentioned, she looked up to her father and older brother as inspirations since they are very successful in their careers. Since she took the role of head president, she wanted to make the party a success which I am thinking maybe she is a bit of a control freak. But I think after this incident, Minami has to learn to delegate and trust her members more since more people can get things done faster.

Now Yuki and Shamour appeared in the credits.

Yuki returned again and I got a feeling that he is probably going to get an episode with Haruka in the future to develop their relationship. After all, he was blushing when Haruka appeared in that beautiful dress at the party. Although I hope if Toei wanted to include Kanata in the mix, please don't make it like Megumi/Seiji/Blue love triangle because that is one of the most forced love triangle I have seen.

Close himself is pretty angry against Cure Flora after his Zetsuborg got defeated. Since Dyspear has already give him one last chance and he blew it, I wondered what will happen to him now? Probably in hiding which surprise, he is still around in the next episode.

What's with the sunglasses?

But enough of fillers as the girls get back to looking for the next Dress up key and somehow they follow Shirogane into the woods and discover...I don't know what it is....anyway, see you in the next episode! Gokigenyou!

P.S: I am aware that Happiness Charge Precure Movie is out. I will have a review about it very soon.


  1. Funny how Minami who look upon to emulate her father and her older brother and turn herself into the Miss Omnipotent got scared out of her shit by fake ghosts XD (My perception of Minami as perhaps the most charismatic out of the three has changed, and there's no guarantee that she won't freak out if there's a ghost scenario popping out again!)

    Pity, I was really hoping that Haruka (which is surprisingly adorable in her doll-dress made from episode) would dance with Yuki (those fan girls should get lost already, the Haruka X Yuki hype should be up and they (fans girls) ruined it damnit!!), instead, we got Haruka dancing with Minami in the end (lesbian hyping ON)! Not happy about that! P.S. Kirara's dress, in my opinion, is still the most adorable :)

  2. It goes by very fast, but the animation when Mermaid is fighting solo is absolutely *amazing*! I wish that team could handle more than just 1 scene every couple of episodes.

  3. I think that Go Princess Precure is going to be the new Smile Precure!:)