Sunday, March 22, 2015

Go Princess Precure Ep 8 Top 3 Moments and Review: Multi Tasking Haruka!

Gokigenyou! This is my review of Go Princess Precure episode 8 and Haruka decided to make her own night gown for the upcoming Noble Party!

No 3: Haruka is multi tasking to her studies and making a dress at the same time!

After deciding to make a dress for the upcoming Noble Party, Haruka tried her hands on sewing to create her ideal dress. However her studies was affected and was reprimanded by the teachers and even Minami who was stern towards her.

Kirara tried to cheer Haruka up but instead Haruka decided to multi task both her studies and making a gown at the same time. Although her studies has improved but her health was affected. What's worse was Puff accidentally spill tea on Haruka's dress. Kirara offered to help but Haruka declined and continue to make amends on her dress.

No 2: Minami believed in Haruka and her dreams.

Kirara complained to Minami that Haruka declined her offer to help repair the dress. However Minami explained she believed in Haruka because she is working hard for her dream to become a Princess. Kirara couldn't really understand until they were battling a Zetsuborg created by Lock.

As the two girls were fighting the Zetsuborg, Haruka arrived to join in the fight. During the battle, Cure Flora claimed that Cure Mermaid was the one who told her before to work hard and never give up in her dream and she appreciate Cure Twinkle's concerns which gave her strength to work harder.

No 1: Kirara is a Tsundere!?

Tsundere Kirara! Priceless!

After Cure Flora defeated the Zetsuborg, she resumed to fix the dress and finally it is completed. Haruka thanked everyone especially Kirara who supported her the most. Kirara was surprised by her thanks and even Puff pointed out her cheeks are blushing. She refused to admit and everyone started teasing her. (It's priceless seeing her reactions!)

Overall, I give this episode a B minus. Although the focus is Haruka trying to make a dress by herself, it also showed how much trust Minami and Kirara have in her. Minami in my opinion is like the older sister who won't lift a finger (unless it is really dire) because she knows the road of high society/princess status is a tough one. If Haruka couldn't overcome this simple task of making a dress and balancing her studies, she is not worthy to work for her dream. Minami actually believe her since her hard work and perseverance has impressed her so many times.

Kirara on the other hand is being helpful but since she only knew Haruka for a few weeks only, she might not realised that Haruka is actually a strong willed person. I could understand that Kirara might want to help her when her dress was ruined. But helping her might cause a reverse effect for Haruka especially since she has worked so hard in making the dress. (I am not really sure what the writers are trying to convey in this episode but I still think a little help from Kirara wouldn't hurt)

Although I am guessing that Haruka knew that everyone is supporting her and she even thank them at the end of the episode. But it is priceless to see Kirara acting all Tsundere at the end when Haruka thanked her the most. The fight scenes was okay, nothing spectacular since Lock was just behaving his usual evil self and the Microwave Zetsuborg turning the heat to full should have vaporised Cure Flora already but it is Precure magic so the intense heat doesn't kill her immediately.   

Since Haruka has finished her dress, it is off to the Noble Party for everyone! But Close has arrived to create trouble in the party! Will the party be ruined by the Zetsuborg? Find out next week! Until then, Gokigenyou!

Blue was so unpopular that his face was blocked by the title card...

P.S: Today's trailer for the Haru no Carnival movie introduce the Happiness Charge team and why is Blue is here? Didn't he go off to space to make out with Mirage and Red? Cure Flora and Cure Lovely punching together which is awesome and finally everyone come together to give their energy to Cure Flora and her team.


  1. maybe the title screen hates Blue,and probably will see kirara in a bikini in the summer

    1. The legit excuse for Blue returning to Earth, " My bro's Red Planet is so wrecked that it consumes more time than I thought to be restored, so I returned to Earth to relax for while before resuming usual business:-) "

  2. Hmm, Haruka was so hell-bent on making her own dress for the upcoming Noble Party, and when her studies went downhill she even pushed herself to do study and making her dress both at once until her sleep time was reduced. No matter how Kirara offers for assistance, she insisted that she will do it all herself. Remember how Love, Miki and Inori burnt out for extensive dancing practices until they were sent to a hospital and Makoto almost ruined her film shot and health by forcing herself to perform as a movie cast and searching for Princess Marie Ange at the same time actually worries me that Haruka will suffer from the same fate like her senpais. Good thing she did finished making her dress and her studies improved, but should she pushed herself to the limits again there's no guarantee that she won't collapse for exhausting herself too much:(

    As always, Kirara is really adorable! Her endless offers of help for Haruka and her slight bitterness about Haruka dismissing her again and again shows that Kirara is also concerned about Haruka's wellbeing, but the most interesting part is when her cute face blushes (the second time since episode 5) and she being teased around and herself throwing tantrumsXD That said, Kirara's work load is actually heavier than Haruka's and Minami's and I'm afraid that such an awesome girl will eventually succumb to unbearable tiredness and pressure, let's hope that it'll never happen:(