Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Quick Picks: Dog Days S3 Ep 6, Marvel Disk Wars Avengers Ep 45

Hi everyone! Because it is the eve of Chinese New Year, I don't really have time to do a full review of these two episodes so I just gave my thought of what I think in general!

Dog Days S3 Ep 6: The short version is Leon held a competition for her marriage at hand. The catch is anyone is allowed to challenge her and if the winner beat Leon, she will marry him. However Leon is too strong for the suitors until a masked person challenge her.

It is then revealed that the masked person is Prince Leaf and Verf's relative. Leaf also lose and Leon just lost her clothes in front of everyone! Later Leaf learned what the competition really mean from Verf and got all blushed up...

This is an okay episode since I do love Leon and knowing she will win everyone is already a give away. Leaf is just having some puppy love for Leon since she met him several years back and even taught him some fighting skills. Leaf is voiced by Oriksa Fumiko (Bleach's Rukia and Suite Precure's Kanade/Cure Rhythm) and it has been a while since we last heard her.

Yeah, give me more, Leon Sama!!!


The fighting was pretty intense and seeing Leaf damaged her armor before it break which could mean his powers are quite on par with Leon. Overall, I give this episode a C plus as the plus point was seeing Leon in her birthday suit! But we are not over with Leaf yet since he will be interacting with Shinku and the others in the next episode!

Marvel Disk Wars Avengers Ep 45: Ed and Jessica tried to stop the Celebrity 5 from stealing an artifact but Ed fainted due to a fever and the Celebrity 5 got away. Tony cross referenced Ronin's voice pattern with Nozomu and it was a match.

Don't you wish this happen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Later, the Avengers tried to stop the Celebrity 5 again and face the Wrecking Crew. Ed and Hulk saved the day but Ronin appeared and fought with Iron Man. During the fight, Ronin's mask came off, revealed to be indeed Nozomu. Akira and Hikaru was shocked by it and Akira claimed that Iron Man knew it was his father all along. Iron Man lose conscious due to the effects of the Dimensional Sphere in his body and was unable to return back to the disk...

The short version is finding out that Nozomu was Ronin which if you saw the previous episode, it is already a give away. The only thing is Tony kept it from everyone which earlier in the episode, Akira claimed that partners shouldn't keep secrets and now the trust has been broken. My guess of why Nozomu is working with Loki is probably mind control which is obvious.

But with Iron Man out, what will happen now as in the next episode, Diablo returned with some Destroyers robots but wait! The Sorcerer Supreme, Dr Strange returned to aid the Avengers! Until then, see you in the next post!

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