Sunday, February 15, 2015

Go Princess Precure Ep 3 Top 3 Moments and Review-Have a Wonderful Puff Day!

Gokigenyou! This is my review of Go Princess Precure episode 3 and will Puff be the love of everyone in the girls' dorms today?

Can I sleep with you, Haruka? said Puff.

No 3: Meet the Second Dysdark General-Shut

Shut appeared in front of Close after his two defeats and turned a judo student into a Zetsuborg. From his getup, he is a typical Narcissist villain since he is seem carrying a black rose like some handsome guy wanna be. Fun fact-He is voiced by Hino Satoshi who voiced Saito from Zero no Tsukaima and he also voiced Kokin Shuyu in Ikkitosen opposite Asuna Masami who voiced Minami since she played Sonsaku Hakufu in Ikkitosen. (Ironically that both of them are now fighting each other as seen in the opening as opposed in Ikkitosen, they are cousins and comardes in past lives)

No 2: The Puff Campaign

Puff was spotted by  Kisaragi, the head of the disciplines committee and wanted Puff to be removed from the dorms since they are not allowed to keep pets. Haruka insisted of keeping it and Minami step in to suggest that if Haruka could convince everyone in the dorms to keep Puff within a week, Puff will be allowed to stay.

Isn't Puff the cutest Mascot of all Precure Series?

Thus Haruka began her campaign to promote Puff to everyone and show off her appeal. Everyone somehow adored Puff one way or another since Puff is able to understand everyone. However Kisaragi had a slight phobia for dogs and refuse to endorse the campaign.

No 1: Puff protect Kisaragi

During the Zetsuborg's attack, Kisaragi was confronted by Close's second Zetsuborg. Puff tried to protect her from the Zetsuborg and was knocked down several times. It touched Kisaragi since Puff is willing to protect her. Kisaragi even risk her own life to protect Puff when the Zetsuborg tried to step on them. Of course, Cure Flora and Cure Mermaid came to save the day in the end. Later Kisaragi agreed to allow Puff in the dorm and she had a little hut for her and Aroma to sleep in every night.

Overall, I give this episode a C plus since the search for the missing Princess Perfume got sidetracked by the Puff Campaign. The highlight of this episode is the introduction of several more side characters like Kisaragi, the Vice President and Secretary of the student council, Azuma and Nishimine respectively.

It remind me of Suite Precure when Hibiki and Kanade's friends were introduced and everyone wondered back then who was Cure Muse. (Of course, it was a troll by Toei to misdirect the viewers) Puff is so lovable that I want to buy her doll when I go to Japan later this year! Other than the introduction of Shut, the whole episode was predictable but Puff warmed everybody's heart every time she appeared on screen.

As predicted at the end of the episode, Kirara did found the Princess Perfume and kept it in her room. In the next episode, Haruka and Minami spotted Kirara holding the same Perfume on a cover of a magazine and decided to find her. However the Dysdark generals returned and Kirara will accept her destiny to become the final member of the group-Cure Twinkle! Until then, see you in the next episode! Gokigenyou!


  1. Sorry kinda late into party, but I will comment some interesting thing regarding this episode
    - First series I followed from very beginning
    - Minami still called Haruka Haruno-san as opposed to directly called her Haruka. Hmmm..... interesting maybe after episode 5 or 8 Minami will called Haruka by her given name
    - The Kisaragi girl probably had same traumatic experience with dog as Inori with ferret back in Fresh
    - Zetsuborg apparently had Achilles Knee lol(both of them)
    - For the OP unless Toei is very generous to troll audience by showing Yui walk together with Puff flying (remember Puff supposed to be a dog and dog can't flying) for 2 straight episodes I think it's sign that either Yui is 4th Cure, Dyspear right hand(silver haired girl in OP), Kanata's little sister(Utena reference btw), or at least Secret Keeper. One thing to take note for now, also with Minami called Haruka Haruno-san

    Overall that's all for my though about this episode

  2. I LUV Shut. So far he's an okama who bests every other okama I have seen on screen.