Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Dog Days S3 Ep 5 Review

Hi everyone! This is my review of Dog Days Season 3 episode 5 Review and Shinku and company are heading to the crystal mines today!

The short version is Shinku, Becky, Millhore, Yuki and Rico went to the crystal mines forest to get some crystals. They met the spirits of the forest who are little green men and they need their help to rescue their princess who got swollen inside a giant frog demon.

Warning! Eclair is going Yandere!!!

Eventually everyone worked together and defeated the frog demon who is actually a little spirit who got struck by a demon sword in the first place. The gang went to a hot spring to relax and Shinku drank some healthy drink by the princess and fainted since it taste like wine. Eclair and Cou also arrived and Eclair mistaken the girls were flirting with Shinku and went all Yandere mode...

Basically this is a filler episode and Yuki shake her boobs about four times on screen. Furthermore when the frog demon attacked them, the girls were hit by his slime like saliva and you guess it, it looked like pretty erotic from here. Although the demon sword that turned the spirit into a frog demon look similar to the giant fox spirit who tried to kill Shinku and Millhore in the first season. Coincidental? Maybe not since there seems to be more of demon sightings since Shinku first arrived.

Overall, I gave this episode a C minus since it goes to the some of the silliness from the second season. Of course the episode ended in a light hearted moment with Eclair got all jealous and is prepare to strike on all the girls. Until then, see you in the next post!

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