Sunday, February 8, 2015

Go Princess Precure Ep 2 Top 3 Moments and Review

Gokigenyou! This is my review of Go Princess Precure episode 2 and today it is about Haruka making friends with the Princess of Nobel Academy-Kaito Minami!
No 3: Training to be a Princess!

After learning that Kanata went missing when the Dys Dark invaded the Hope Kingdom and ordered Puff and Aroma to find the Princess Precure, Haruka make it her dream to become a true princess in order to help Kanata. Aroma even hinted that to become a true Princess, one must be beautiful, gentle and strong. (Kinda of like our three main Precures?)

She started training herself and in the midst, Minami found the Blue Dress Up Key on the beach. like all air headed pink Precures, Haruka was late for her first day at school and got a scolding from one of the teacher. (Seriously, do all private schools has an old hag teacher in every anime that I watch? They look like they come out of an assembly line of old hag teachers) Minami also reprimanded Haruka not to be late and punish her by removing the weeds in the school compound.

No 2: Haruka taking ballet lessons from Minami.

Ouch! That's got to hurt!

Haruka played her usual bumbling self and approached Minami with no fear whatsoever. I am thinking since she came from the city and there was no status in her previous school, she just went in and asked Minami to teach her ballet. I could be wrong and Haruka is just friendly to everyone. The little training montage was funny since Haruka tried her best to flex her body like Minami with little results.

I like the subtle moment when Minami tend to Haruka's injuries since she is happy that Haruka is willing to be her friend and Haruka get to train to be like Minami. She modestly admitted that she is not Miss Perfect and had to train hard to get where she is. Although I am thinking that Minami could be under pressure to be Miss Perfect since she came from a well to do family which I am sure it is going to bite back at her in future episodes.

No 1: Cure Mermaid's Maiden Battle

Tiara On!

When Close turned a student into a Zetsuborg in the third act, Minami spotted Haruka transformed into Cure Flora and decided to help her when she is still suffering from her sprain ankle. Like all previous Precures, her courage gave the Blue Dress Up Key to accept her and became Cure Mermaid. Her Cure Mermaid costume suit her well since it is made like an elegant one piece dress unlike Cure Flora which resembles a Victoria Era dress.

Riding the Waves!

Ironically enough, their battle took place at a beach and Cure Mermaid used the sea to her advantage and finished off the Zetsuborg with Mermaid Ripple which I am not so particular about it although I do like the ocean effects when she make her appearances and speech.

The episode ended with the third Princess Perfume went missing during the fight and coincidentally, the end shot showed the two Dress Up Key which reminded me of the previous Kamen Rider series (Gaim, Ozu and Double) on what are the items they collect so far. (Oh yeah, Minami also call Aroma a Parrot which he argue back that he is not. Who want to bet that Kirara will reply the same thing when she meet him?)

Overall I give this episode a B! I think it is interesting but predictable. Minami is like the untouchable flower on top of a mountain. (There is an idiom about that.) Her aura make everyone envy for her but yet they dare not approach her. I am guessing she just needed friends to make her more approachable unlike Karen who has Komachi or Reika and Nao before the beginning of the series.

All we need is Kirara to come in and bring some life to the group and speaking of the next episode, it is not about Kirara but Puff as she become the love of everyone in school. But I am suspecting that Kirara will find the Princess Perfume at the end of the episode. So until then, see you in the next episode! Gokigenyou!


  1. Hey! its me from precure live journal!!! (mutaiba),I love ur review and I found the episode really fun to watch!!! I thought the same thing when the shouted that the third perfume Is missing that Kirara will find the perfume and keep it and somehow in the next ep she gets her key!(my brother. says it will hit her on the head as a shooting star at night ,since she's the princess of the stars),but I was hoping they would spend the next ep looking for the perfume ( I was wrong :( ),Minami is soooo cool !!! I love her but I'm restless for Kirara's debt!! ,any way continue the good work , let's train hard and become great princesses ,Let's Go Princess!!!(let's go pafu!),Gokigenyo!!!

  2. Nice review and I also like your assumption of Minami's background to be in a high class society. I will look forward to Minami's development in the future. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this episode.