Thursday, February 12, 2015

Kantai Collection Ep 6 Review

Hello, everyone! This is my Kantai Collection episode 6 review and it is all about making curry rice!

Basically there is a curry rice competition in the fleet and the winner will get their recipe served to the whole fleet for a year. Furthermore, this episode's focus on the Sixth Destroyer team comprises of Akatsuki, Hibiki, Inazuma and Ikazuchi.

It's a Golden Pot!!!

However Kongo and Ashigara challenged the girls in the curry rice competition and taunted them. The four girls tried their best to make curry but thanks to Yubari, the fleet's grease monkey and words from Nagato, the girls get their act together and entered the competition.

Akagi...(Face Palm)

Yeah, Shoukaku! Moan for Me!

On the day of the contest, the rest of the contestants are not faring better with Kongo and Hiei fainted from their tasting, Akagi keep eating the ingredients, Shoukaku losing her skirt and Shimakaze using instant curry.

The Wrath of Ashigara!

Akatsuki and her team were doing well until Ashigara let them taste her curry and were overwhelmed by her taste. Although Ashigara started claiming she is not getting any "younger" and the mood became moody. But thanks to Nagato, the girls got up again and they were finally declared the winner...(Although it was Nagato couldn't take spicy food that she declare the girls the winner)

After the last two episodes, this was a more light hearted one although I am suspecting this episode should be episode 5 since everyone were still in the status quo unlike last week where both Kaga and Zuikaku were butting heads with each other. The Sixth destroyer team were pretty all right with Akatsuki aiming to be elegant like her older peers, Ikazuchi is the confident one, Inazuma is the timid girl and Hibiki just spur Russian words like Anya from Cinderella Girls.

It was nice to focus on other members of the fleet as Fubuki although not a bad character had only two lines in this episode as she admired Akagi eating like a glutton. (I don't know you can get turn on by people eating like a pig, Fubuki) Even Kaga didn't mind Akagi eating all the ingredients since she blushed at her munching everything. 

Kongo as usual was her energetic self as she and Hiei were comic relief in this episode. Shoukaku and Zuikaku were actually doing well but thanks to a misstep, we get to see Shoukaku's sexy underwear (Yummy!) I think I like her more than Akagi since she looked like the more caring and reliable sister.

Of course, we have to talk about Ashigara and we get to know her nickname-The Hungry Wolf which I think her nickname should be Desperate Seeking Ashigara. I am not really sure why she was given such a back story that she can't find any boyfriends and she is probably reaching the big 30 but I look at her and she look fine to me. Maybe men of that era look out for more younger women as potential wives but Ashigara look perfect to me. Maybe it is that outfit she is wearing that probably turn men away from her?

Even Kaga can't resist having an Extra Super Size of Curry Rice!

Overall, I give this episode a C plus since we probably won't get another episode focusing on Akatsuki and her team. The plus point was seeing the rest of the girls other than Fubuki in action. Seeing Shoukaku's underwear make me want to go find some doujins about her and Ashigara too! Next week, we are back to logging heads as Zuikaku and Kaga are at it again. Until then, see you in the next episode!

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