Saturday, February 14, 2015

Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Ep 6 Review: It's Natural...or Not?

Hi everyone! This is my review of Idolmaster Cinderella Girls episode 6 and how was the girls' first mini concert? Let's find out!

New Generation and Love Linka were interviewed by a local magazine reporter (A familiar character from the original Idolmaster series) and they continue to prepare themselves for the upcoming concert. Mio called all her friends at school to come and support her on the actual day while Uzuki trained hard to catch up with the other two. Rin actually took it easy despite the pressures.

Anya and Minami are faring better well and finally the day of the concert has arrived. Everyone came to see them including Mika. Love Linka started the show first, followed by New Generation. Their performances only gained a lukewarm reception and after the concert, Mio started looking for her friends who were actually standing on the second floor of the building. She suddenly became quiet and went back backstage.

Takeuchi sensed something wrong and asked her. She claimed that their concert didn't receive the same response as Mika's last concert. Takeuchi replied that it is natural for their first concert which got Mio so angry that she walked out on him, stating she is quitting...

Looking at the way this episode ended, I can said that Mio took her Idol career a bit too seriously and probably think she can become an overnight success. Being the leader of the trio, she took pride of her career and even invited her school friends, thinking she will become the talk of the town but for a newbie group, their performances was satisfactory with much more improvements needed.

The last scene with Takeuchi and his response claiming it is normal for a newbie group to get such a reception also show that he is very direct and doesn't consider the feelings for the girls. He might have good intentions but lack the delicacy. A simple Chinese idiom actually describe Takeuchi's comment-"You can eat anything you want but be mindful of your words" (Chinese speaking readers will understand what I meant)

Overall I give this episode a B. The rest of the episode is more of training montage as both groups trained hard for the concert. Looking at both group, I will said that Love Linka is the better of the two since both are mature enough to understand their current status and I love their performances when they appeared on stage. Sadly, New Generation has a lot of catching up to do and with Mio suddenly claimed that she is quitting, can Uzuki or Rin or even Takeuchi do anything to salvage the group?

The final end credit shot of a broken glass slipper also represented that the dream is over and it is time to face the true reality. Sure, it might have a fairy tale beginning but the ending is harsh for the girls. See you next week to find out what happen next!

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