Saturday, January 17, 2015

Pretty Guardian Sailormoon Crystal Ep 14: Conclusion and Beginning

Sailor Moon fired a large blast at Queen Metaria's forehead but it is not having any effects. Mamoru told her to pray hard since the Silver Crystal react to her emotions.

At the same time, the souls of the fallen Sailor Guardians channel all their energy through their transformation items to Sailor Moon. Luna remembered the Queen explaining to her about the Crystal Tower in the castle which can be used as a praying effect.

Luna prayed hard and the Crystal Tower gave Sailor Moon enough strength to finally seal Queen Metaria forever. However her transformation brooch was destroyed after the seal was completed. Artemis thought his eyes were seeing things as he saw Luna in human form for a moment and the Moon Kingdom is finally restored to it's original form.

Mamoru held Usagi and kissed her which woke her up. Usagi was wondering where are her friends and they found them dead in the ice. Luna then instructed Usagi to come to the Moon Kingdom by using the Moon Stick which she did.

They arrived and Luna told Usagi that she is now the new Queen of the Moon Kingdom. However Usgai want to stay with Earth with Mamoru and everyone else which the Queen (In a holograph) gave her blessings to stay on Earth. The Queen also gave her a new transformation brooch and instructed her to place the Silver Crystal inside it.

Usagi transformed again and used Moon Healing Escalation to restore the Earth and revive her friends. Ami and the others woke up and Sailor Moon, Mamoru and the two cats welcome them back. Soon after, everything went back to normal however Rei sensed an uneasy presence from her prayers.

Usagi and Mamoru met up at the park and she showed him his repaired stop watch and he showed her the handkerchief she left with him. They wanted to kiss each other when suddenly a little girl fell from the sky and kissed Mamoru in the lips. Usagi was pissed by the little girl and she stated that her name is also Usagi. She pulled out a gun and demanded that Usagi hand over the Silver Crystal to her...

We finally come to the end of the first arc and begin the second arc at the end of the episode. So what do I think of this new reboot and the first arc overall? I have mixed feelings about it. First, the story itself is definitely following more to the original manga and no signs of fillers which is a good thing since we get straight to the point.

However it meant that there was less character development especially for the four Sailor Guardians who are reduced to supporting roles. But then there are so many things to cover for the first arc which Toei decided to give the series a two cour seasons and not like the original series which has 46 episodes in total. I noticed that the action scenes were very simple as most of the times, the monster of the week were defeated by the Sailor Guardians by one hit of their special attack. Even the battles with the Four Dark Kings was very boring and does not have the intensity of the original series.

You might think I hate this reboot since I like to compare it to the original series. Not exactly. One thing for sure, the pacing is faster and the arrival of all the girls took eight episodes in total. (The original series took about thirty odd episodes to get everyone together) The relationship between Usagi and Mamoru was less agony especially when Mamoru was injured and brainwashed. As in true shoujo manga fashion, love conquers all since it was love and hope that finally bring these two star crossed lovers together. I am also aware that Luna's human form actually do appear later in the manga series and her animated form's first appearance is in the Sailor Moon S movie.

Although the appearance of Chibi Usa is going to complicate things now and why she demanded the Silver Crystal from Usagi is still a mystery. We have to wait till next month to see how things play out. Until then, see you in the next episode!


  1. Luna's praying looks so ridiculous I can't help but to laugh.

    Unfortunately, I think saying the Inners had supporting roles in Crystal is too generous; they had no personality, were useless in battle, and only existed to sing about and worship Usagi.

  2. And also, I felt the lack of filler actually backfired, it made the story move way too fast.