Sunday, January 4, 2015

Pretty Guardian Sailormoon Crystal Ep 13: The Last Stand

The Sailor Scouts were shocked to see Sailor Moon and Mamoru fell and the Silver Crystal appeared in front of them. Queen Metaria took the chance and suck both of them and the Silver Crystal into her body.
Luna and Artemis arrived and Luna tried to stop Queen Metaria but was knocked down. She then headed to the surface and the Sailor Scouts followed suit. While Luna and Artemis headed to the Moon Kingdom on the moon, the Sailor Scouts tried to attack Queen Metaria but it was furtile.
Queen Metaria then turned the Earth into complete darkness and the humans into monsters. The Sailor Scouts nearly gave up when they heard Sailor Moon's voice coming from inside Queen Metaria. They channelled all their energy into one final attack hoping it will reach Sailor Moon but they failed and all presumed dead.
Sailor Moon awakened inside Queen Metaria's body and realised that the sword she used to pierce earlier only went through Mamoru's stopwatch. Queen Metaria tried to attack her however her willpower to the Silver Crystal forced her and Mamoru out of her body. The Silver Crystal also restored Mamoru and he regained consciousness.
Queen Metaria tried to attack them again and Sailor Moon tried to use the Silver Crystal to seal her up. But Queen Metaria is too strong and they were locked in a stalemate. Mamoru found four jewels on his body and it is the spirits of the Four Dark Kings. They remembered who they are and told Mamoru to help Sailor Moon before they were gone.
Mamoru supported Sailor Moon and finally the Silver Crystal changed into a flower form and together with her extended Moon Stick, they faced Queen Metaria for one final showdown...
Firstly, Happy New Year to everyone and welcome to my first post for 2015! It seem this episode is not the finale for the first arc but there were a lot of intense and shocking moments. Sailor Moon just fainted after thinking that her sword pierced her body but instead piercing Mamoru's stopwatch and Mamoru was actually saved by the four jewels when Sailor Moon slashed him. Talk about Plot Shield!
The Sailor Scouts tried their last attempt to stop Queen Metaria but it wasn't enough and they were presumed dead. (Of course, they will come back in the next episode!) But I felt that the four Sailor Scouts had very little character developments for the last 13 episodes. Given that Toei only give 26 episodes instead of 46 episodes like the original, the focus is more on Sailor Moon and Mamoru which shove the Sailor Scouts to supporting roles. Hopefully the next arc will be better in developing the Sailor Scouts' characters.
Will Sailor Moon with the newly Silver Crystal and Mamoru by her side defeat Queen Metaria and save the Earth? Find out in two weeks' time for the finale of the first arc!
P.S: Yes, I am aware that Mistao Fukuen (Cure Happy) is voicing Chibiusa and Madea Ai (Cure Aqua) is voicing Sailor Pluto for the Dark Moon Arc. Good choice but I doubt we will see the rest of the Outer Sailor Scouts (Uranus, Neptune and Saturn) unless Toei is willing to do the third arc.

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