Sunday, December 28, 2014

Happiness Charge Precure Ep 46: The Worst Night Before Christmas Part 2

The girls couldn't believe that Seiji is now under Red's control and he started attacking Cure Lovely. Blue told them to hit the red crystal on Seiji's chest which is controlling him.
The girls began to battle him and Cure Lovely managed to hit the crystal. However Seiji's strength overwhelm her and he fired a blast at them, forcing them to transform back.
Red taunted them claiming that Seiji has bottled his emotions all these times and it is Megumi's fault for failing to see the signs from him. Now the red crystal has revealed all his emotions and has turned hatred on Cure Lovely. Red claimed he hate everything that Blue stand for and now plan to destroy the Earth next by turning into a land of despair.
Red summoned a giant Red Moon in the sky and hundreds of Red Saiark landed around the world to create chaos. Seiji followed Red and they headed to the Red Moon and taunted the girls on their demise.
Megumi blamed herself for not realising Seiji's feelings towards her as a Red Saiark was prepare to kill her. Suddenly Cure Tender arrived and told them not to give up as she was previously saved by them when she was mind controlled. The Aloha Precures and several international Precures also arrived and told the girls not to give up.
Megumi realised what she need to do and the others followed suit. They transformed again and together with the Aloha Precures and Cure Tender, they defeated the Saiark and now headed to the Red Moon. Blue and the international Precures then proceed to the city to defend against the Saiark.
Cure Tender wished them good luck as Cure Lovely prepared herself to face Seiji again...
Well, it proved that Seiji is more powerful than all the four girls combined which there are a few loopholes in this episode. First, why don't they just go straight to Innocent Form which stand a higher chance of defeating him? Second, where is Mirage and FanFan? Shouldn't she be helping out too? Couldn't Cure Tender and the international Precures arrived faster to help them? If this was a world crisis, where are the Precures we all know from Max Heart to Doki Doki?
Despite all these loopholes, I am surprised that it will take one more episode for the girls to save Seiji from the mind control. But we have four more episodes left so we need some expositions before the grand finale. Although the international Precures appeared in this episode, I wasn't blow away by their appearances since they rarely talk and hardly any developments throughout the season. Toei, if you want to make me believe this is your ten years anniversary of Precure, I will rather have the Precures from Max Heart till Doki Doki to appear instead. One word-Lazy writing.
Anyway, we have to wait two weeks for the next episode. Until then, Happy New Year to Everyone!
P.S: Oh yeah, I have to mention the first trailer of Go Princess Precure and what I think about it?
First the title-Go Princess Precure..two things came to my mind. Firstly,  it could mean Five Princess Precure since Go also meant Five for Japanese. Second could meant a rap song which the chores sing "Go Princess! Go Princess! Go!"
The setting for the series is now in a boarding school named Noble Academy and it looked like an all girls' school. (Play that Utena Opening Song!) I could foresee that most of the problems will occurred among the students and for some strange reason, the monster of the week seem to love to attack their school. Shouldn't the students' parents be complaining of the number of monsters appearing every week? I won't be surprised if the headmaster or one of the teaching staff is the bad guy or someone secretly aiding the Precures. 
Next, our three main Precures, Haruka, Minami and Kirara. Haruka looked very different from her alter ego, Cure Flora which is a good thing so that no one can put two and two together. But Cure Flora gave me an Aikatsu feel to it which is a bit misleading for some Precure and Aikatsu fans alike. Her Precure outfit looked all right giving a more mature look than the last few seasons "kids' dresses."
Minami gave me a Cure Aqua/Karen feel to it and is probably the idol of everyone in school. Kirara looked like the playful type but yet I like her style more than the other two girls. The trailer showed Haruka wanting to be a Princess and she enrolled into Nobel Academy. Although I wondered what kind of occupation does a Princess do? Unless you are royalty, I don't see the purpose of being a princess. Maybe they are going for a Strawberry Panic feel where the students are suppose to excel in everything to be the perfect woman. Prepare for some bitching among the students...
The Prince in Haruka's childhood looked very...GAY! Sorry, I disliked this type of girly man. It make Seiji and FanFan manly compared to this Prince. Finally the henshin item which looked like a perfume bottle and the liquid appearing inside the bottle remind me of the Genesis Driver from Kamen Rider Gaim and Miki Shinichiro randomly saying "Melon Energy...SODA!"
Overall, I have to wait for the actual episode on 1st Feburary to find out if I like it or not. Until then, see you in the next post!

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  1. Well ,all stars movies are out there for a reason ,if the precures appear in a season then the all stars movies will seem pointless.I actually like Go!Princess precure's trailer I'm pretty hyped for it! TWO WEEK wait ?!NOOOO!!!!!!