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Quick Picks: Hi-sCoool! SeHa Girls Ep 8-9, Amagi Brilliant Park Ep 9-10, Marvel Disk Wars Avengers Ep 35-36

Hi-sCoool! SeHa Girls Ep 8-9: The girls are thinking what to do with for the upcoming school festival and came across a character that looked similar to Center Sensei. Later he told the girls that they are to enter a beauty contest featuring Sega female game characters.
The girls viewed the participants and found Robopitcher, Genesis, Game Gear and Master System looked similar to to them. When the results were finally announced at the beauty contest, the winner happened to be the female gorilla from Congo Bongo which Saturn claimed she showed her breasts to win the contest...
The next episode, Centre Sensei ordered the girls to enter the Chain Chronicle game through the smart phone. They have no problems dealing with the enemies and they tried to recruit new members in the tavern. However all the patrons are too old or too weird to begin with.
The girls later battle a giant dragon and they were losing however Megadrive throw her book at the dragon (with 1 hp left) and kill the dragon. They were about to get their medals when the battery of the phone is flat...
I was expecting a horror theme in this episode since the girls were talking about horror theme games like House of the Dead 2. Although I realised that Center Sensei is actually the rabbit mascot in those instructional manual from Sega games. It was kinda of disappointing that we don't get to see the rest of the console girls, Genesis and Master System looked pretty (Genesis is the Western version of the Mega Drive so it is obvious that she is portrayed as a cowgirl and Master System is the first game console before Mega Drive became a runaway hit.) 
The next episode was more an introduction of Chain Chronicle which I heard it is in the fifth instalment on the PS Vita. I never really play the game before but from the look of it, it reminds me of Plants vs Zombies. But the best part was seeing the different characters in the tavern like Bruno aka John Mclane from Die Hard Arcade, Axel from Street of Rages and Joe Mushashi from the first Shinobi game.  Next episode, the girls goes to the world of Jet Star Radio!
Amagi Brilliant Park Ep 9-10: The four fairies, Muse, Salama, Kobory and Sylphy are slipping in their performances and was reprimanded by Kanie. Later they were invited by Latifa for dinner at her castle. Latifa went to get a new bottle of sauce and warned the fairies not to press the red button on the wall.
Muse accidentally press the button and the castle went into "Battle mode" This cause the fairies to get trap in the room and anyone who got near the castle will be shot at. The mascots tried to storm the castle but to no avail. Kanie and Isuzu found Latifa and took her to the security room. Isuzu found a manual for the castle's defences and instructed the four fairies to find a secret stairway under the room.
They found the stairway and entered with Kanie and the others watching through a security camera. They entered a room where they were suppose to sing karaoke and get full marks in order to process the next room. Salama was weak in singing but Muse helped her sing on her behalf and they cleared the room. Next was a dancing game and Kobory couldn't catch up but the others help out and they clear it.
The third test was a typing contest and Muse was bad in typing but Salama was quick and accurate in her typing and they passed it. Finally the last room and the girls were forced to choice who to sacrifice before a big drill come crashing on them. Everyone choose themselves which led the drill to stop and they switched off the castle's defences.
After this ordeal, the four fairies became more united and were well received by the audiences. Later, Latifa told Isuzu that they should tell Kanie the "truth."
The next episode, the park has been gaining popularity however both Isuzu and Moffle were hiding something from everyone. Latifa fainted and Kanie probed from Isuzu and what is going on. Latifa was cursed by a wizard to have her "Animus" (laughter and joy) drained from her body years ago. That is why she came to Earth in order to have a supply of Animus from the guests who are coming to the theme park.
However the number of guests coming in is still not enough to restore her health. Kanie spoke to Latifa and she keep up a positive attitude. He also finally remember that he met Latifa years ago as a child. Kanie later pushed everyone harder to get more customers in order to save Latifa however they are still 134 000 people short and they only have one week left before the deadline.
Moffle confronted Kanie on his attitude to everyone but stop short after Kanie knew about Latifa. Soon the summer holiday begins but Kanie is still worried about Latifa. Moffle met him one night and he told Moffle that he met Latifa once as a kid and tried to cheer her up. However she could only crack a small smile but she is still in pain. 
Kanie also learned from Moffle that Latifa has another curse which prevent her body and mind from growing and every 1st August, she will forget everything and her memories is reset again. He swore he will not let her down again which later Toriken informed Kanie that the "thing" he asked for is here...
We get to know more about the four fairies and their strength and weakness. Muse is like the def actor leader and although she is weak in typing, she gave moral support to everyone. Salama has an uninterested attitude and like to play with her phone. However she is a bad singer but the others accepted her and help her get through the singing contest.
Kobory is the quiet one and she is bad in dancing. The others actually work harder for her and pass the dancing test. Sylph is the airhead in the group however she is not stupid as she understand every one's hard work and everyone choose to sacrifice themselves to save the rest. Although I am thinking that Latifa might have a hand on it since she invited them for dinner in the first place.
We also learned why Latifa is having fainting spells and it is because of a curse that drain her "Animus" slowly and she also will lose her memory once a year. Kanie meeting her as a kid and tried to cheer her up was finally answered. He felt that as a child actor, he has failed his audience (Latifa) in making her happy which probably explained why he quit being a child actor after that. But now he is given a second chance, let' hope the "thing" he asked for is enough to hit the target before the end of the month!
Marvel Disk Wars Avengers Ep 35-36: Spidey is seen in a black costume however he has become a reckless person and has no regards for lives and property. Back in Japan, Hank Pym arrived to analyse the Dimensional Sphere but showed little respect for the Avengers.
The kids want to make a video letter for Spidey when they learned what has happened to him online. Akira wanted to go but Iron Man need to be around when Hank finally learned from his research. As such, Hikaru, Chris and Ed went to New York with Jessica "babysitting" Akira.
The three kids arrived in New York and everyone claimed Spidey has turned bad. Chris spotted Spidey and he went to stop two bank robbers with no regards to the civilians. Captain America tried to talk sense to him but he was too fast. Spidey tried to ambush him but Ed warned Cap. Spidey then tried to attack Ed but stop at the last moment as Spidey told Ed to get away from him.
Suddenly Black Widow arrived to save Ed. Hikaru called out Thor and his Mjolnir hit a large bell which caused Spidey to be in pain. He retreated and Black Widow explained to the Avengers that Spidey might have stolen a Shield Transport carrying an alien symbiote called Venom. She received an order from Shield to take down Spidey and went to face him.
The kids does not believe Spidey has gone bad and follow Black Widow. She started battling Spidey with a news crew recording their battle. Akira, Jessica and Pepper have decided to go to help the others. (After Hank claimed they won't be much help to him) Hikaru noticed Spidey behaving strangely after the large bell ring and the heroes took a gamble.
Hulk got the bell and Cap knocked it hard with his shield. The sounds make Spidey in pain and he was able to break free from the symbiote. Hulk and Black Widow gave chase to the symbiote while Spidey told the kids that he spotted the Shield transport in trouble and the symbiote took over him.
He felt regretted for causing so much destruction the last few days however Akira thru the video call told him not to give up. Suddenly the symbiote took over Hulk and became Venom. (Really?) The heroes came up with a plan to take Venom down and tried to trap him in the bell but he was too fast and entered a construction site.
Venom knocked Ironman into a steel pillar which create a loud noise. It weaken Venom and everyone started hitting hard on the pillars. Venom was finally trapped inside the bell by Spidey and Hulk broke free. He called Ed to use Build up Smash and defeated the symbiote.
Hikaru sealed the symbiote in a disk and Spidey apologised to everyone for what he has done. The New yorkers cheered him and the kids returned. Black Widow took the Venom disk away and Spidey got the video letter from the kids. He was happy to see the kids on the video and continue to protect the city...
Finally a Spidey centred episode and although it isn't Eddie Brock as Venom but seeing Hulk becoming Venom was pretty close. (Even though it should be called Symbiote Hulk) The way Spidey behaving in his black costume is similar to the past animated series incanations like reckless and being evil as a craze Spidey.
If you know Venom's folklore, you should know that sonic vibration noises is the symbiote's weakness. Although fire has the same effect but I don't think anyone want a well cooked Spidey. Black Widow also get into action as she able go toe to toe with Spidey and she keep her cool the whole time. Overall, a great episode except it is not Eddie Brock as Venom but any episodes with Spidey in it is good for me. Next episode, Hank Pym's robot assistant Ultron started behaving know what does mean? Age of Ultron!!

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