Saturday, December 6, 2014

Pretty Guardian Sailormoon Crystal Ep 11: Sailor Guardians vs Tuxedo Kamen!

Usagi has a dream of her chasing Mamoru in the fallen Moon Kingdom. However she was awaken by Luna and Usagi is still thinking about him every time she looked at his stopwatch.
Suddenly the stopwatch started to move and suspect Mamoru has returned. He did returned and brainwashed Fura to be his friend. Meanwhile the girls arrived at Ami's house and she asked Minako to hit a diamond with the holy sword they got from the moon. The diamond broke into pieces and Ami suspected that the sword and a rock sample she got from the moon is made out of unknown materials.
Usagi fell asleep throughout but when she woke up, she has a sense of finding Mamoru and found him at the arcade centre. However he does not remember her and even called her Usagi instead of Usako. Luna watched everything and tried to warn Usagi about Mamoru but she refused to listen.
The next day, she went to find him again and he probe further about Sailormoon however Usagi ran away and his powers does not work on her. Ami and Makoto learned from Fura's friend that she has never seem Mamoru before but Fura claimed he is his best friend. Makoto questioned Mamoru that night but got mind controlled instead.
Makoto lured the others into the command centre and she tried to snatch the Silver Crystal from Usagi. However Rei spotted it and knocked her down. Suddenly Mamoru and Fura ambushed them and Ami, Rei and Minako transformed. Fura tried to snatch the Silver Crystal but was knocked out by Sailor Venus's Love Me Chain.
Mamoru caught hold of the Silver Crystal and Usagi could not believe what has happened to him. The others girls tried to stop Mamoru but he was too strong. Luna wanted Usagi to fight but she refused which lead Luna to attack Mamoru. He flung her to the ground which got Usagi filled with anger.
She transformed and the Silver Crystal reacted to her emotions. She used Moon Healing Escalation to heal everyone and tried to attack Mamoru. Suddenly Beryl appeared and knew about Usagi's past life. She also claimed that Mamoru is now Endymion and he only served her now...
So it come to "a person got mind controlled and everyone tried to warn about the main heroine but she refused to listen until it is too late" episode. Ami, Rei, Minako and even Luna already knew that Mamoru is not himself but Usagi refused to admit until Luna was badly injured by him. Furthermore, he always called Usagi her nickname-Usako which is already a dead give way but Usagi being Usagi is blinded by love and now Beryl has the Silver Crystal. Although the Silver Crystal does react to Usagi's emotions so if she think of destroying the world, it will do it. (A mini WMD on the palm of your hand!)
 The good thing in this episode is we finally get a full Sailor Venus transformation and she looked great like the original series. Overall, it is an okay episode but the best part is in the nex episode as the girls battle Beryl and will Sailormoon be able to make Mamoru who he was? Find out in two weeks time!

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