Thursday, December 11, 2014

Quick Picks: Gaworare Special Ep 14, Date A Live S2 Special Ep 11, Infinite Stratos S2 Special OAD-World Purge

We had three un-aired episodes for these three titles. However due to time constrict, I am just going to give my thoughts and not a full summary of each episodes. Careful as there are some spoilers if you had not watch the episode!
Gaworare Special Ep 14: It is a Christmas episode and every girl tried their best to win Souta's heart with hilarious results. I liked that it focus more on the less known girls like Miyuki Sensei and Serika who finally realise that Souta is the one who encourage her when her career went down. There were several fan services moments especially the King's Game which Souta suspected it to be rigged.
Of course, the episode ended with Souta and Nanami having a moment together but the others barged in and the snow started falling in. Overall, a typical harem Christmas episode and after what has happened in the last few episodes, some light hearted moments was needed for Souta and his friends.
Date A Live S2 Ep 11: Shido was approached by Kurumi during the Tabate festival and she took him for a date and showed a different side to Shido. If you are a fan of Kurumi then this episode is for you as being the most flirtatious girl in the group who has a hidden agenda for Shido (Whether does she love him truly or she just want to consume him) Shido was taken aback that Kurumi did not show any evil intent and truly want to spend time with him for one day.
However the truth was revealed at the end that the Kurumi that Shido is dating was actually a different time period of her (with a more kinder soul) and the real Kurumi took her back. Even though Shido knew she is not a real person, her wish for Shido is true as she wrote something on a small note that got Shido all worked up. Otherwise, the whole episode is a Kurumi centered episode and nothing major occurred. From what I gathered, we are getting one more extra episode and it will focus on Tohka.
Infinite Stratos OAD-World Purge: An attack on the Academy led the girls to enter the IS core to find out the source through cyberspace (Matrix style) However the girls were caught in their own personal desires and getting on with a virtual Ichika. At the same time, the real Ichika rushed to save Sara after she was shot by terrorists and Chifuyu holding off another of the Phantom Task's elite.
Although everything went well in the end, Chifuyu confronted the mastermind, Chole who was seen with Tabane at the last episode and she warned her not to pull any stunts with Tabane. Furthermore, Chole claimed she has no right to see her "elder sister" Laura as she too has the same eyes like her.
For an OAD, it is pretty long at 45 minutes. We have actions, fan services and some cheeky moments. The actions is pretty good with Sara and Chifuyu kicking ass especially Chifuyu who rely only on a power suit to take down an IS suit. The girls on the other hand, were living their dreams of getting on with Ichika. I like the Cecilla and Char moments which are both pretty cute and sexy.
Ichika also went into the sever and actually discovered Chifuyu's original IS core-Kurezakura resting there. She is also the mysterious girl in white in Ichika's dream. But the biggest mystery is Chole is helping Tabane and her reasons is also connected to Kurezakura. Furthermore, Chole is also related to Laura since they have the same yellow eye. Overall, a great episode compared to the TV series and oh yes, we finally learn that Sara's name is just a title and her real name is...we leave to you to find out that one!    

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