Sunday, December 14, 2014

Happiness Charge Precure Ep 44: Something Red...

Hime is reunited with her parents at the now restored Blue Sky Kingdom. Fan Fan is happy to see Mirage back to normal and Blue thanked Cure Lovely for everything she had done. Although Seiji could sense something is not right with her.
Later back on Earth, Hime and the other two girls had a slumber party at Megumi's home and they started talking various things. Megumi used this moment and claimed that Blue should choose a different time to kiss Mirage especially he kissed her in front of everyone. As the girls fell asleep, Megumi couldn't sleep and stay up the whole night.
She went out to the balcony and saw Seiji. He told her to meet her downstairs and they went out together. Seiji tried to cheer her up by taking her to a ice skating ring. Megumi couldn't skate well and used the Skating figure Precard to get around. The two of them had a wonderful time together and took a break on a bench.
Seiji asked if she is okay and she started to let her emotions get the better of her. She claimed that everyone around is happy including Blue and Mirage and Megumi should be happy for them but yet she is not happy about it. Seiji gave some words of advice and went off to get some drinks. Meanwhile, the rest of the girls were at Hime's home where Mirage and Fan Fan mentioned of hearing something Red talking to them when they were evil which Blue suspected something.
Deep Mirror could sense Megumi's pain and send out a Red Saiark to confront her. She quickly transformed and started battling it. However Deep Mirror began to taunt Cure Lovely about how everyone around is happy expect her. He claimed that he can help her to get rid of everyone she hate and began influencing her heart.
Cure Lovely fell under his spell but Seiji's voice awaken her and she broke free. She then threw the Saiark with all her strength but is weaken. It returned and prepared to attack her when the others arrived in Innocent Form.
Everyone then used Innocent Purification to defeat the Saiark. After the battle, it started to snow and Megumi told everyone she is all right now. Deep Mirror now learned about Megumi's weakness-Seiji and plan to use him against the girls...
An another great and tear jerking episode which focus on Megumi. From the moment Blue started giving wrong signals to her, making her heart all messed up. She kept all her feelings bottled up until Blue is reunited with Mirage which is the last straw. Seiji knew how Megumi has been feeling all these while since he too felt the same way for her. Although Seiji is still in the Friend zone with Megumi, his words came through to her when she fell into Deep Mirror's spell.
Speaking of Deep Mirror, the way he taunted Megumi is like how Palpatine influenced Anakin to fell to the Dark Side in Star Wars. Seiji's words might have save Megumi but Deep Mirror has found a more suitable person for his plan-Seiji.
In the next episode, the girls are preparing a Christmas party but Deep Mirror used his powers to turn Seiji into a Dark Prince. Worst Christmas Eve Ever! See you next week to find out!

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