Monday, December 8, 2014

Happiness Charge Precure Ep 43: Love and Hate

Queen Mirage is filled with hatred upon seeing Cure Lovely and Blue. She blamed everything that has happened and bind him up.
She then transformed to a more powerful version of herself and started battling Cure Lovely. Cure Lovely was getting beaten to a pulp and was knocked to the ground. Queen Mirage taunted on her defeat but Cure Lovely got up and told her that Blue love her and she too love him.
Her words pissed Queen Mirage further and attack Cure Lovely again. Cure Lovely was in an adrenaline rush and overcame her attacks. She then pushed Queen Mirage to a mirror and  (It reflected Queen Mirage's trapped self) Cure Lovely told her that she wished everyone in the world to be happy, including Queen Mirage and Blue.
Cure Lovely transformed to Innocent Form and broke the mirror. She held Queen Mirage and told her that she too can love Blue once again. Queen Mirage was finally moved and recalled the good times with Blue. Her murderous aura has calmed down however Deep Mirror brainwashed her again, turning her into a vengeful person.
Queen Mirage started attacking Cure Lovely and they were equally matched. But Cure Lovely instead did not attack her and used her aura to calm her down and turned the environment less hostile. Cure Lovely told her she is strong and her strength will be able to reach the one she love. This confused Queen Mirage further and she tried to kill Cure Lovely. But the other girls has finally arrived. They then used Innocent Purification and each of them blessed Queen Mirage and she is finally defeated.
With her magic gone, the people around the world including the trapped Precures and the natives of the Blue Sky Kingdom are freed. Blue approached a now human Queen Mirage and he apologised for not honest of his feelings. He finally told her that he loved her and the dark tear on her face is gone.
The girls were glad it is finally over but Cure Lovely felt a "sharp pain" in her heart. However Deep Mirror is still alive and now set his aim on Cure Lovely...
We now know where the budget has gone to this episode and I will said it is a pretty good episode. From the start, it is non-stop action and Cure Lovely trying not to hurt Queen Mirage and making her realise her true feelings. Queen Mirage is tough for a mid boss character and even Innocent Form is a match for her.
Deep Mirror tried to turn Queen Mirage into a crazed person (The artwork sequence reminds me of Kill La Kill over the top moments) to defeat Cure Lovely. But thanks to the power of "Love" and "Innocent", all four precures actually hugged and blessed Queen Mirage in order to defeat her. 
Blue and Queen Mirage had a touching reunion but Cure Lovely is feeling a bit upset as she too confessed her love for him during the battle. However her unrequited love for Blue is not meant to be. 
In the next episode, with the people around the world free from the Phantom Empire including Hime's kingdom, everyone started to rejoice. Megumi is still feeling down and the other girls cheered her up with a sleepover. But Deep Mirror has decided to target Megumi and send a new Crimson Saiark to battle her. It is not over yet! See you next week to find out! 

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