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Quick Picks: Hi-sCoool! SeHa Girls Ep 10-11, Amagi Brilliant Park Ep 11-12, Marvel Disk Wars Avengers Ep 37-38

Hi-sCoool! SeHa Girls Ep 10-11: The girls' next lesson is to enter the world of Jet Set Radio however Mega Drive was worried as she does not know how to skate. They entered the game and arrived at the Shibuya stage.
They started enjoying the sights including taking photos with a sticker booth. The challenge begin and Mega Drive still has problems moving around. Center Sensei gave her a handicap by giving extra wheels and rocket jets to move about. However Mega Drive went too fast and crashed into the river.
Dreamcast and Saturn make their way through but Dreamcast distract Saturn with a fake signal and Dreamcast won the race. She arrived at the goal point and paint her graffiti which happen to be a picture of them together earlier at the sticker booth....
The next episode, the girls entered the MMORPG of PSO2 and Shining Force Cross. They wore the Rabby costumes and were ordered to defeat a dragon. However it was too strong and flung Dreamcast out to the sky. However a real Rabby defeated the dragon and the other two girls wondered where did Dreamcast went? She is actually fighting one of the more stronger dragon bosses on space...
A pretty all right episode although I could find Street of Rages, Shinobi references throughout this episode. I never got a chance to play Jet Set Radio on the Dreamcast so I am not sure how much references was used for this episode. The next episode was more alien to me since I don't play the Sega MMORPG in particular although the Rabby are pretty cute and a bit difficult to figure out who is who in the suit. Anyway the next episode is the finale so see you then!
Amagi Brilliant Park Ep 11-12: Kanie gathered everyone and announced that the park will held a soccer match on the 31st July. Toriken explained that a well known soccer club is unable to play their anniversary match at their stadium and Kanie decided to use the unused stadium in the theme park for their match.
Kanie, Isuzu and Toriken went to meet the soccer club owners and learning that they have financial problems (by using his powers) He is willing to sponsor everything for the soccer match on the condition that every guest is to enter through the main entrance of the theme park. The soccer club owners were also given a tour of their stadium and were impressed by it (Thanks to Tiarmi and the moles) and the match is set on 31st July.
Later that night, Kanie announced to everyone he is selling off the south section of the park in order to get the budget they needed for the soccer match. Everyone agreed to help thanks to Moffle agreeing with him. Everyone were all fired up to make the match a success and Kanie assured Latifa that the park will hit the target. That night, Kurisu told Kanie that the deadline for the take over is 9 pm on 31 July and Kanie claimed he will hit the target before that.
On the actual day, tons of guests arrived and everyone worked extra hard. However when the soccer match begin at 6 pm, Kanie was shocked to find that they are short of 252 guests. A representative of Kurisu stood by to judge the results and Kanie is out of his wits.
Suddenly Moffle told everyone to call anybody they knew to get over the theme park. As the soccer match ended, everyone stood outside hoping that more guests will entered. Soon, everyone from the waitress who served them in the bar to Kanie's classmates entered the park. With one minute left and short of 3 more guests, everyone lose hope when suddenly the three boys (who love to harass Isuzu) entered the park and the target has been achieved!
Everyone celebrate and Kanie make an announcement that he is resigning as manager. But he make a deal with a shopping mall to build a branch at the theme park to attract more customers. Kanie spotted Kurisu when suddenly he revealed that he is the wizard who placed the curse on Latifa. Isuzu and Moffle tried to stop him but he escaped.
As the clock reach midnight, Kanie, Isuzu and Moffle consoled Latifa as she prepare to lose her memories again. Isuzu and Moffle left the two of them alone and Kanie hugged her in his arms. Suddenly the tree they were standing started to bloom very brightly in the darkness and Latifa did not lose her memories at all.
Later they discovered the tree is a magic tree that used it's energy to break the curse. Kanie was about to leave and both him and Isuzu have problems expressing each other feelings. He decided to act tough and left home. When he returned home, his sister told him that he is feeling more happier after taking the job.
The next day, he returned to the park and resumed his role as manager which both Izusu and Latifa were happy to see him again. They went to the front gate and welcome the guests to the park...
So Kanie's plan to hit the target is to held a soccer match in the park. After convincing the soccer club owners and selling off the south section of the park, everyone went extra hard and seeing them being understaffed was both pitiful and hilarious at the same time. (Tiamri and Macaron were funny in this episode) It finally took three perverted boys to save the day and molesting Isuzu at the same time to save the theme park.
We also know that Kurisu is the wizard in disguise and although he escaped, I am sure we have not seen the last of him. Seeing that the park is finally saved and everything went well, I thought this will be the last episode but we have one more episode left! So what will happen now after Kanie continue his role as manager? Find out in the finale next week!
Marvel Disk Wars Avengers Ep 37-38: Hank Pym is building the inter dimensional gate to find Akira's father. He introduced the kids his robot assistant, Ultron who served the kids drinks every moment.
Hank decided to upgrade Ultron to assist in the project. When he started the machine, it went out of control and nearly sucked the kids into the gate. But Hank transformed to Giant man and saved them. However he lose consciousness after transforming and rest in his room.
Wasp explained it was her fault that caused Hank in this state. During a battle with Whirlwind, Hank stopped a gas tank from hitting a building and he injured himself badly. Wasp blamed herself for rushing in to Whirlwind and ruined Hank's career as a hero. Later Ultron trapped everyone and became self aware.
He decided to eliminate the human race in order to create the perfect society for himself. The Avengers went to stop Ultron after battling Tony's house defences. Hank tried to stop him but the kids told him that they will work together to defeat Ultron. Ultron could not understand this logic of teamwork and Iron Man and Thor fired together to defeat him.
However Ultron has created a back up of himself and he is in cyberspace. He first hacked Shield's network which Nick Fury ordered the Avengers for an explanation. However Ultron is heading towards the Blue Javelin Satellite program which he will use it to destroy Tech Island Tokyo.
Iron Man, Akira and Pepper headed to Stark Tower and Iron Man coated himself with a special alloy for orbital travel. Iron Man launched to space to destroy the Satellite but was chased by Ultron Robots. Akira and Pepper were also attacked by the robots but Akira called out Falcon and he took them out with ease.
Iron Man finally defeated the robots and destroy the Satellite. However Ultron has already prepared his next plan. When they returned to the Helicarrier, they learned that the "Council" wanted Fury to arrest Hank for his involvement with Ultron. But Jessica and Wasp absconded with Hank to his home in the woods.
Hank finally told Wasp that he was envious of the Avengers and blamed himself for being "useless" Jessica tried to talk some sense to him when the other kids arrived. But Fury has send his men to surround the house which Hank snapped and became Giant Man. At the same time, Ultron has created a giant size version of himself...
So we began the rise of Ultron and why Hank was not part of the original team in the beginning of the series. If you knew Giant Man's history, Hank is more of a scientist than a fighter like Janet. However he tried his best to be a hero. Furthermore, using his Pym particles at abnormal rate will damage his body and his mind which probably explain his eccentric behaviour. Seeing Shield trying to arrest him might have snapped him in becoming Giant Man again.
Ultron himself is similar to the Earth's Mightiest Heroes version and creating a giant version of himself is bad news for the Avengers as in the next episode, Ultron attacked the city! Can Hank calmed down and fix things right? Find out next week! 

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