Friday, November 14, 2014

Quick Picks: Hi-sCoool! SeHa Girls Ep 6, Marvel Disk Wars Avengers Ep 33, Amagi Brilliant Park Ep 7

Hi-sCoool! SeHa Girls Ep 6: Centre Sensei told the girls that they are to enter the Arcade game-Border Break for their next test. When they entered, only Saturn is left without a mech suit while the other two girls are piloting it.
After trying out the controls for a while which Dreamcast is a bad shoot while Mega Drive was awesome, they arrived at the core which is the target objective. However Centre Sensei told them the game has been hacked and they could not escape.
They saw Dr Eggman/Robontik and his robot armies approaching them. He disable their mech suits and they were left powerless. Suddenly a blue streak appeared and it is Sonic the Hedgehog!
Initially I thought that this episode won't be interesting sine Border Break came out after the end of Dreamcast's timeline and Sega started doing software than hardware. The girls messing around with the controls was okay with poor Saturn getting shot by everything in the game. The real changing point is at the end when Dr Eggman appeared and I was thinking if Sonic will come and sure enough, he is here to save the day! I can't wait for the next episode for Sonic racing into action!
Marvel Disk Wars Avengers Ep 33: Thor started attacking the Avengers and he is not holding back. The fight went on until they landed deeper into the base. Red Skull and Hikaru taunted the Avengers when suddenly Crossbones shot Red Skull on the back.
Crossbones removed his mask and it is actually Hawkeye in disguise. He showed everyone the real Crossbones is sealed inside a Disk. Hikaru tried to use his powers to attack the Avengers but Thor went up to him and use his energy to dispel the Dimensional Sphere.
Hikaru finally remember who he was and apologise to everyone. Red Skull suddenly activated his secret weapon-A Giant Skull Machine. Everyone escaped in time but their time limit is almost up. Chris suggested to use their second hero and called them out. Captain America gave the battle cry-Avengers Assemble and they started attacking Red Skull's machine.
Red Skull was weaken and Iron Man used Final Repulsor to destroy most of it. Red Skull tried to escape but Thor appeared in front of him and destroy his ship. Akira then sealed Red Skull into a Disk.
Soon after, Shield arrived and arrested Hydra but Tim and his gang escaped in the chaos. The kids were having a deserved rest as Iron Man decided to anaylse the Dimensional Sphere's powers...
A great episode as we find out that Hawkeye has been disguising as Crossbones all these while in order to find out Red Skull's plans. Thor using his energy to dispel off the Dimensional Sphere in Hikaru's body is kinda of far fetched and even Iron Man claimed it is impossible in theory. Of course, the best scenes is seeing all ten heroes fighting Red Skull's giant machine. It is like Avengers 3 but in animated! Now with Red Skull defeated, the kids could get some rest but in the next episode, a new transfer student who is really smart transferred to Hikaru's class and a new villain with ten rings in his hands appeared! You know who is coming next!
Amagi Brilliant Park Ep 7: The park opened the water pool section and many people have come with their families to enjoy the water. One of the mascots, Joe tried to "scare" off the guests but overdid it and was ordered by Kanie to guard the water pipes with Shinna.
However the water pipes were bursting out and out came a pirate ship from their world. The captain of the ship is Iron Beard and together with his sea lions pirates, they started kidnapping the guests. Moffle and Isuzu tried to fend off but Iron Beard held Latiffa hostage. Kanie was knocked into the pool and sucked into the basement. Even Tirami switched sides and joined Iron Beard.
The customers thought it was part of the show and they just play along. Meanwhile Isuzu found Joe and Shinna alive. Together with another mascot, Genjouro and the mole diggers, they sneaked into the pirate ship and started firing at the pirates. Jaws got stuck in one of the cannonball and was fired out, hitting Biino and giving a shock for the pirates (They were afraid of sharks and seeing Biino in "killed" by Jaws scared them)
The customers were happy of the event and Joe took charge of Iron Beard and his men. Later that night, Takaya approached Kanie and taunted him of being the manager of the park. Meanwhile, Isuzu was given advise by Macaron on how to pose sexy...
This episode has Jaws reference and Pirates show reference. The best part was seeing Tirami betraying the others and everyone had all sort of ideas of getting back at him. Of course, jumping into a pool of slimy tentacles is not a good idea and you can see Isuzu's angry aura when Tirami tried to push her off (or is it the other around?) I guess that Joe's stomach is large enough to put a human since Shinna stay inside his stomach to survive the flooding. Although Takaya was kind of a snob at Kanie, it is true that the number of customers is still not enough and they only have a month left to save it. I wonder why Isuzu is getting posing advices by Macaron? A fun episode and Isuzu is hot as a pirate queen!

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