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Quick Picks: Marvel Disk Wars Avengers Ep 15-16, Rail Wars Ep 2, Girls und Panzer-Anzio Sen Episode, Persona 4 Golden Ep 1, Momo Kyun Sword Ep 2

Marvel Disk Wars Avengers Ep 15-16: The team found a new disk which is near Jessica's home in France. They arrived at her place and was welcomed by her parents. However Jessica claimed Akira and the others are not her friends and she is doing it because of her family's Nobelsse Oblige.
They later discovered an underground tunnel below the house and they were nearly caught by the traps around it. Jessica was crushed by a falling wall when Akira saved her. She did not thank him and claimed she can handle it herself. She walked out from them leaving the others to find the disk.
They found the disk when suddenly Tim appeared and summoned Doctor Octopus to attack them. Akira called out Iron Man but the others were caught by Doc Ock's arms. Wasp reprimanded Jessica not to be immature and she should let others help her when she is in need. She returned with a summoned Wasp and they quickly defeated Doc Ock. Akira gave Jessica the new disk and they finally make up.
Later, Tony and Pepper discussed that the kids should continue their studies rather than getting them into danger. Akira was against it at first but have no choice in the matter. The team went to the newly built Tech Island Japan where they were suppose to study at the new school.
Akira make friends with a girl named Noriko during a basketball match and is an admirer of his father's work. Hikaru dropped by and Noriko had a crush on him. Suddenly Rosetta and Jubei released Sabretooth into the city to create chaos. Akira called out Iron Man to get ahead but he was overwhelmed by Sabertooth's speed.
The other heroes arrived and deal a blow to Sabertooth. However his healing factor kicked in and the heroes are running out of time. Suddenly Wolverine appeared holding Cyclops' disk and shed his claws to fight Sabertooth...
For the first episode, it is about Jessica's pride that nearly got everyone in danger as she was used to handle things on her own. But Wasp advise the importance of teamwork and she saved the day. Through why Doc Ock is called up when Spidey is not around is anyone's guess? I can't even tell who is the villain in the disk they found in Jessica's home. (If someone know, tell me)
The next episode we are introduced to the X-Men and it looked like Wolverine escaped from being sealed in a disk. His appearance looked kinda of beefy but his attitude is still the same. Furthermore, he found Cyclops' disk (he is a Power Type) which I hope Hikaru will call him out in the next episode. Although I am kinda of wondering why introduce Noriko and she seems to be involved from the preview...
Rail Wars Ep 2: Naoto and his teammates were introduced to their leader, Lida Nana and she instructed them to patrol the Tokyo station. After helping out some people in need, the girls went for a break as the guys continued their patrol.
A small bomb went off in the station and the team later received a threat from the culprit who demanded a ramson or he will denoted another bomb at 3.p.m. The team went to search the bomb but to no avail. Later the small dog that they found earlier today was barking non-stop and Aoi discovered that the bag contained the bomb. She tried to disarm it with Naoto but only make the counter go faster.
She quickly rushed to get some liquid nitrogen from a restaurant and manage to freeze the circuits before it denoted. After disarming, Aoi rested on Naoto's body. The culprit was subsequently arrested and later Nana announced that Naoto is assigned as deputy team leader which he reluctantly accepted...
The team's first day together and they had a bomb extortion case already! The criminals in this city are really desperate to attack the Japanese National Railway and given that the bomber asked for a hundred million which in reality the station eared 3 hundred million a day is really ridiculous! Anyway, Naoto's leadership and Aoi's quick thinking saved the day and hopefully Aoi will have a better impression on guys as she still think she can handle it better than any man.
Girls und Panzer-Anzio Sen Episode: After Ooari's victory against the Sauders force, their next opponent was Anzio forces led by Anchovy. Yukari sneaked into the Anzio school and learned about their secret weapon-Carro Armato P40.
Miho got everyone to practice for the match and on the actual day, they finally meet each other. Anchovy's deputy Carpaccio is a friend of Caesar of the history team and they rekindle their friendship before going to battle. After a long battle, Ooari won the match by using the high ground. The two teams celebrated together and during the final match of Ooari against Black Peaks, the Anzio team overslept throughout the match after a night of party before...
From the way how this untold episode was not shown before, I felt there was nothing wrong or strange about it. It was more of how over confident Anchovy was and her team was not a unified team like Ooari. They tried to use dummies to fool Ooari but Miho spotted the trap and was able to defeat them. Like Saunders, Anzio showed good sportsmanship and celebrate together. I was giggling myself that they completely missed the finals and even the prize giving ceremony at the end. Overall, a nice episode to complete the entire series until the movie version come out later or next year.
Can someone do a wallpaper of this? Marie look Beautiful...
Persona 4 Golden Ep 1: Narukami Yu arrived in Inaba town and met a young girl who returned his map to him. He was later welcome by his uncle, Dojima and his daughter, Nanako. Yu later became friends with Yosuke, Chie and Yukiko and learned about the Midnight Channel rumors.
Yu tested out the rumors and discovered he can enter through the television. The next day, Yu, Yosuke and Chie fell into the larger television set and met Teddie and the shadows creatures. Yu heard a voice in his head and called out his persona-Izanagi. He make quick works of the shadows and they returned to the real world.
Later, he met Igor and Margaret who introduced Marie as their new resident. Yu was asked to show Marie around town and they went up to the hill top to admire the scenery. Marie started making up a poem which she blushed after Yu listened to it. But Marie did not get angry and want to learn more with Yu together...
If you have already watched the original Persona 4 animated series a few years back, you can tell they removed or redone some scenes from the original. Like Izanagi's first appearance which Yu will fought a few shadows but this one, he was fighting a horde of it and deal it with style. I realised that Yu talked more this time rather than a man of few words in the original.
Of course, the biggest deal was Marie and I already liking her a lot. I can sort of understand that Hanazawa Kana can play her since she used the same personality from Boku wa Minna Kawaisou's Ritsu. But I prefer her English voice actress for Marie better. I also love the scene at the end which is the same as the game version when Yu took Marie for a walk. I can't wait to see more of it and by the way, if you played the game, you already guess what actually cause all these just by watching this first episode. For those who didn't, you are in for a ride..a Golden Ride!!!
Momo Kyun Sword Ep 2: Tekki reported his failure to Jyako, the leader of the Oni. Meanwhile, Onihime, the only daughter of Jyako dragged one of the generals-Genki to go and see the human world.
Momoko was trying to merge with Sarugami to use their power-up form but failed badly. The Tennyo team told them the next fragment in a nearby town and headed there. They split up and Momoko and Onihime were fighting over a dumpling stick. They decided to settle in a Peach Dumpling eating contest which ended a draw and Onihime carried off by Genki.
The group found the next fragments but were fooled by an fire illusion from Genki. They confronted the Oni which Onihime recognise Momoko. They started battling but Onihime was too fast for her. The others were trapped in a quicksand illusion but Sarugami broke free and want to merge with Momoko. Suddenly Sumeragi Tennyo's follower, Kushinoda arrived and asked them to eat Sumeragi's dumplings with horrible results. (It was really bad) But they were able to merge into one and defeated Onihime.
However she caught hold of the fragments and retreated. Both Momoko and Onihime were frusated of their failure of defeating each other and started munching on Peach dumplings again...
We finally get to see the rest of the Oni generals and I felt that Onihime is not truly evil but just headstrong and playful. Her follower, Genki was too kind of her and suffered her wrath despite looking like a cool guy. He also feared Enki, the only female general who seems to like do "naughty" things on him. 
Momoko and Sarugami also finally learned how to merge together with Sumeragi's dumplings which the other Tennyo commented that it was the worst thing ever. Furthermore, Kushinoda's appearance was a shock for everyone since she appeared in bondage and has a sacrifice fetish which Ringo claimed is her past life's sin that caused her fetish. Anyway, the second episode was a lot of fun and I can tell not all the Oni are evil but you can guess who is the real villains in this show? Did you?

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