Sunday, March 30, 2014

Happiness Charge Precure Ep 9: Wax on! Wax off! (Kudos to you if you know where that line came from!)

Megumi and Hime were signing that Cure Fortune saved them last time. Megumi asked them if they know who Cure Fortune really is but Blue did not grant her powers at all. She then asked Hime why did Cure Fortune gave a warning about her?

Hime did not reply instead claimed they should tried to get stronger for future battles. The two girls began jogging and met Yuko along the way. Yuko advised them to jog for endurance than speed but they didn't listen and gave up halfway.

The two girls met Seiji who learned what are they doing and suggested to train in the Karate dojo he is in. They met Iona who is sparing with her grandfather who owned the dojo. Megumi also met her friend Kasumi who later brought them to change their gear.

Seiji started teaching Megumi and Hime defence stances which Hime dislike it. Seiji was strict on them and the two girls were tired after the training. They comment to Kasumi that Karate is tough and Yuko also drop by to give them some sweets as encouragement. They loved the sweets and Kasumi claimed she is going for her Karate promotion test tomorrow.

As Oresuk is preaching to the other two generals of his plan to defeat the Precures, the next day Megumi and Hime gave encouragement words to Kasumi for her test. However Kasumi was having some confident issues and Oresuki used it to turn her into a Saiark.

Megumi and Hime transformed and confronted Oresuki. After clearing the hordes of Choiark, they began battling the Saiark however it is more proficient in Karate and knocked the girls down. Suddenly a yellow Precure appeared and started singing. Her song has a relaxing effect on everyone including Oresuki and the Saiark.

The yellow Precure told the two girls to remember the defence stances that Seiji taught them and surprisingly they were able to counter the Saiark's attacks. They then finished with Twin Miracle Power Shoot.

The yellow Precure was pleased with them and introduced herself as Cure Honey before leaving. Iona found Kasumi and gave her some advices which Kasumi accepted it. After getting a PreCard from Ribbon, Seiji wanted Megumi and Hime to train again however they felt hungry after listening to Cure Honey's song and started humming her song together...

So our fourth Precure appeared and it is Cure Honey. Although Megumi and Hime doesn't know who she really is but us the viewers sort of guess that Cure Honey is Yuko. Her positive attitude and her song about food for love gave away her identify. (Unless Toei pull another Cure Muse or Cure Ace stunt again!) Beside Cure Honey's name is not listed in the cast list which is also another give away.

Her power which she used the baton as a microphone make her more of a support type of Precure but of course, she could become an offensive fighter like Cure Rosetta which I am not surprised when that happened. Iona doesn't do much in this episode other than showing she is a confident fighter but her vibes tend to give people an impression she is not really approachable.

Although she did gave some pointers for Kasumi before she went for her test which could mean she really care for others. I am also concerned that Blue claimed he did not granted Cure Fortune her powers and most probably Cure Honey too which I am suspecting that someone else is giving chosen girls Precure powers.

So next week is the start of the Cure Honey's arc which is going to be a two-parter. Get ready as we begin to unravel who is Cure Honey and where her powers come from. Until then, see you next week!

P.S: This week's Cure to open the opening is Cure Rhythm! I always have a soft spot for her since she is the second white Precure and I love her design. My blog has also reach 500,000 views today! Thanks for everyone who has supported my blog!


  1. Maybe Yuko is Honey, I mean, Yuko always have a Honey candy and Hime loves that candy.

  2. oh course Yuko is honey, she's like the Cure Muse 2.0 or something!

  3. Of course Yuu-Yuu is Honey ! I'd be severly disapointed if Toei deliberatly red herring us from the start because I like Yuko ..... as Cure Passion was a more natural red herring ....I mea nobody else on the show has the same gentle facial mannerisms as Yuko , that Cure Honey also has .... unless they introduce a new character for a deliberate red herring.... also the opening/intro pretty much points towards it being Yuu-Yuu , unlike Heart Catch where it was not obvious from the start that there would bee yellow cure at all ...

  4. Given how close this episode aired to April 1st I think they should have had Kyoko (the fake Cure White) do the introduction. She and Kanade have the same voice actress so there's no reason they couldn't have done so.