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Happiness Charge Precure Ep 1: The Princess of Blue Sky Kingdom Part 1

The Evil organisation known as The Phantom Empire led by Queen Mirage ordered the invasion of Earth. Cure Princess and her partner, Ribbon who is on Earth battle one of the generals-Namakeruda (Not sure is that the right spelling) who has created a Saiark monster from an office lady.

Dangan Machine Gun!!!

Stardust Shoot!!!


Is this a tribute to Go Nagai's manga style?

However Cure Princess was too weak to defeat the Saiark until Cure Fortune and her partner, Glass arrived and defeated the Saiark. After rescuing the office lady, Glass received a new card and added it into their collection. Cure Fortune blamed Cure Princess for the Phantom Empire invading Earth and left, leaving Cure Princess frustrated...

Cure Black start the ball rolling!

We are introduced to Aino Megumi and her friend, Omori Yuko who is walking to school. Megumi is singing a song of the Precures will defeat the Saiark. Meanwhile, Hime aka Cure Princess is at her home still angry of her weakness. Blue appeared out of a mirror and gave her a love crystal, claiming she will find her new partner and friend to battle with.

Kaori looked similar to Miyuki's mother, Ikuyo...and pretty hot too!

Megumi returned home and told her mother, Kaori (which I am guessing she is not a healthy person as she wore a jacket around her-sign of sickness) that she will go to town to buy food for dinner. Cure Princess try her luck and threw the love crystal hoping the first person caught it will be her friend.

A Funny Eye Catch!

Megumi found the love crystal and kept in her pocket. Hime trailed her behind and learned she is a friendly person. Megumi went to visit Yuko at her family eating house and help Seiji's younger sister, Mao to retrieve her hat. Seiji also came by and help Megumi before she slip into the pool.

Later, Megumi was walking back home and Ribbon pushed Hime out of hiding to introduce herself. Megumi was fascinated by Hime's dress sense and she proudly show off her dress and accessories. They introduced each other and even Ribbon appeared to tell Megumi she is a Precure.

Cure Princess has a Heroic Pose!

Suddenly, Namakeruda corrupted Mao and create a Saiark. The two girls and Ribbon arrived and Hime transformed to Cure Princess. She tried her best to beat the Saiark but is still weak.

Cure Lovely also has one cool pose!

Megumi tried to protect her when suddenly the love crystal changed into a PreChan Mirror and Transformation Cards. Megumi used it to transform and named herself Cure Lovely. Blue saw everything though his magic mirror claiming she will be the "love" that will save the world.

Cure Lovely was able to push the Saiark off balance and prepare herself for battle...

So we have the hilarious pair of Megumi and Hime. Megumi is helpful but sometimes make silly mistakes or get a bump here or there. Since Precures are now known around the world, she is a big fan of them and even making up a song about them. Seeing her mother, Kaori as a sickly person could complicate things in the future but Megumi is also a positive person and she is trying not to worry her mother too much. As commented by Hime about her dress sense, Megumi is also conscious of what to wear and usually wore dull colors. But since Hime is teaching her to be more fashionable, we will be probably see her in the pink jacket outfit as her regular clothing in the next few episodes.

Hime is Erika Version 2 but I find her more funny and her first battle is reckless. (Seriously, Dangan Machine Gun!? Did she took lessons from Vegeta as this sort of attack is really useless in the series) She is not really a smarty pants like Erika but rather a shy person who need to be push in order to get things done. Hopefully she will step out of her shell to become a better person. Although I am concerned about Cure Fortune blaming her for causing the Phantom Empire to invade Earth which means she did something terrible to create this disaster.

Cure Fortune is Moonlight and Sword rolled into one. She is strong enough to defeat a Saiark alone (with an awesome Stardust Shoot and a Finale finish!) She might be direct in her words but it will take a while before she start trusting people again and join the team. (I always knew that Tomatsu Haruka will make a great Precure since she started this line) The card she got from defeating the Saiark is a Police uniform...who want to see Cure Fortune in a Police Uniform? (Raise your hands, you know you want to!)

Yuko is the cool headed girl but it is still too early to know more about her and Seiji is a good choice for Megumi to pair up. Although this first episode alone, I already counted three handsome dudes from the Phantom Empire plus Blue and Seiji equals to five, we might be seeing parings very soon. Looking at the opening, Queen Mirage is probably a person who got corrupted and related to Blue and he has an evil reflection in the mirror if you notice carefully. Seeing this black hair girl in a coma and Cure Fortune shed a tear which could mean one thing...a Fifth Member?!

The transformation is similar to Heart Catch with the cape and they are now able to fly without any additional powers which should have happen a long time ago when they started the five girls team concept. Anyway, it is still a fun first episode and I can't wait to see how Yuko and Cure Fortune will join the team and the crazy chemistry between Megumi and Hime.

Ending Credits

Yes, I am aware that Cure Black appear in the opening credits to congrats the tenth year of Precure and for the next 37 weeks, we will have a different Cure to appear in the opening. Next week will be Cure White plus Megumi meet Blue and together with Hime become the Happiness Charge team officially! See you next week!

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