Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Quick Picks: Log Horizon Ep 17, Witch Craft Works Ep 4, Buddy Complex Ep 4

Log Horizon Ep 17: As Minori coordinated the attacks against the goblins, Lord Sergiatte was having a meeting with the various lords on how to defend against the monsters.

The lords knew that the Izumo Knights are gone and want to make use of the adventurers for their help. Lenessia overheard their plans and told Crusty about it. Shiroe and the others met with the lords and both argue each other of how they should defend the land.

Lenessia arrived and volunteered to rally adventurers from Akihabara to come to their aid. Sergiatte agreed and she went along with Crusty, Shiroe and Akatsuki back to Akihabara...

This is what happen when politics get in the way of an upcoming battle. But it was interesting to see Shiroe battle wits against the lords like a cool cucumber except for Michitaka who make a hole on the table. Lenessia decided to take the first step of being a strong woman by going against a male dominated meeting. Will she be able to rally adventurers to her side to help in the upcoming battles while Minori and the others hold the line?

Witch Craft Works Ep 4: Medusa escaped her prison and is heading towards the town. Honoka was "interrogated" by her sister, Kasumi about his meeting with Kagari on Sunday. He gave all sort of excuses which got her all suspicious.

Meanwhile, the Tower Witches tried to attack both Kagari and Honoka separately after learning from Chronoire the secret of Kagari and Honoka's powers. Honoka was attacked by Tapopo when suddenly a giant bear saved him and it is controlled by Kasumi. She overwhelmed Tapopo even when Katsura joined in the fight.

After defeating all the Tower witches, Honoka was glad that Kagari was all right but Kasumi started complaining of her hogging him. Instead Kagari suggested that both she and Honoka should stay together 24/7. Meanwhile, Chronoire has abducted all the Tower Witches and planned for her next scheme...

Kasumi is a bro-con! She loved her brother so much that she dislike him being distracted by Kagari. However Kasumi is also a powerhouse as her strength overwhelm even two of the Tower Witches. (With a mega size teddy bear familiar!) Chronoire is planning to use all the Tower Witches to attack Kagari and her master, Medusa has escaped from her prison. If you know any better, Medusa is probably the snake lady whose stare can turn anyone into stone. So how do you fight something that you are not to suppose see? Also, Will Kagari and Honoka stay together?

Buddy Complex Ep 4: Dio punched Aoba claiming that his actions caused Lee to get injured. Aoba apologise to Lee but he remain optimism as they are still alive. As Hina was thrown into a holding cell for suspicious of contacting Aoba, he arrived in his hometown with Mayuka as his guide.

However everyone he knew were gone and the town has changed a lot. He decided to stay with the crew and piloted Luxon since he has nothing to loss. Dio was furious that he still remain in the ship. Later, a private plane was being attacked by Zogilia forces and Aoba and Dio sortie out.

Dio was shocked to see the private plane belonged to his family and tried to save it. However their comparability was low due to Dio's mistrust of Aoba. He told Dio to get his works together and they managed to link up. They defeated the enemies and landed in Chitose Base. Dio approached the plan and saw his sister, Fiora and father, Mr Weinberg...

So Aoba is truly alone since his family and friends were all long gone. He decided to join the crew which Dio was against it at first. Later when his family plane was attacked, Aoba told him to focus in order to save his family and they finally did. But seeing his reaction to Fiora and his father, it seems things are going to get awkward in the next episode...

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